Monday, February 11, 2013

Sucker For A Fortune

Our family doesn't get Chinese food very often, but I must admit that when we do, I get very excited - to see what my fortune is.  I know, I know.  They're simply random little slips of paper, likely placed by a machine on a conveyer belt,  intended for anyone on the planet, but for some reason, I'm a believer!  I really feel like those slips of paper mean something.

This was my fortune last spring.  At the time, I had just become a working mom and was working harder than I had (outside of being a mom) in quite some time. 

I taped it to my desk as a reminder.  
Random, perhaps but I'm here to tell you this fortune absolutely, 
100% came true.  

Months later, I'm presented with this little gem of a fortune. 

I'm not sure we'll ever know for certain if this fortune is true because I believe there is always a competitor.  Even if I out distance one, or even many, there will be others.  In my opinion, competition is good and I embrace it.  This fortune, which is ALSO taped to my desk is a great reminder for me to be persistent, and patient.  For the distance.

My most recent fortune probably means the most to me.  This one's unique in that I believe it's already happened, and is something that has become one of my missions in life as well.  This fortune represents
 Who. I. Am.

Completely random and intended for anyone on the planet?  
But I think I'll always be a sucker for a fortune.  


  1. All have come true. When you get the one that says you're going to come into a lot of money, tape that one to your desk!

  2. Im a sucker too. I'm even superstitious about not letting anyone pick my cookie for me off of the bill presenter. If they touch it- it's THEIR fortune... not mine.

    ...This was a fun bit of trivia my husband learned the hard way while dating....


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