Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Savannah

This beautiful, not so little girl turned 7 years old today.  7 years old.  
Phew!  Where does the time go?!

Savannah was a very happy baby.  She was super easy going...always quick to smile, slow to fuss.  She was very alert and would sit peacefully watching what was going on around her.  We could always get her to laugh by scaring her. We'd say "BOO!"  She'd jump and then squeal with delight!  

At age one, Savannah was all about taking a bath.  She could play in the tub for hours!  However, once it was time to wash her face and ears, someone was not such a happy camper.  This little girl took her sweet time to begin walking but once she decided she was ready, there was no turning back.  Watch out world!  

Bath time led to pool time.  By age 2, Savannah had definitely developed her personality and this picture shows you a just a bit of that personality.  She began having opinions, and she wasn't shy about letting us know what her opinions were.  I think she ONLY got away with it because she was so darn cute!

Meet our 3 year old Savannah.  The girl who could (and still can) sleep ANYWHERE!  By age 3, Savannah was proving to be a great student...very smart and respectful with a real desire to learn new things. Waking up early...totally different story.

Savannah.  Age 4.  The little girl with a big appetite.  This photo was taken one day while we were at work (DQ).  Savannah said, "Mom, this is Girl vs. Food and Girl is winning!"  Savannah's sense of humor really developed during her 4th year.

By age 5, Savannah had definitely found what I lovingly refer to as her "spice". Yes, she's a sweet girl, even shy at times but this girl also has some killer spice to her.  And I love that.  I'm quite sure there will be many a teenage year that I WON'T like that, but for now, I embrace the spice that Savannah possesses.  

This last year, Savannah's sixth year, my little girl found her strength.  Although she still has fears, and sometimes lets them get the best of her (don't we all), she can often be heard saying "I need to face my fears!"  She's still ALL girl, still smart as can be and there's still more sweet than spice in this chick.  

The years truly do fly by.  
Today, I enjoy the memories, as I anxiously anticipate the future.  
My little girl is growing up...right before my eyes.
Happy 7th Birthday Savannah!  Here's to another amazing year...
the best one yet!


  1. Great post about your girly girl. I'm glad you shared so I could learn about why she's so precious to you. What a cutie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Savannah!! Wonderful post, Jeni--love all the photos of your cutie patutie!

  3. What a great post. So nice to get a little glimpse into your family.


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