Sunday, March 18, 2012

4 Laptops in 50 Days

I am on a real roll as far as laptops are concerned.  Not that you care much but allow me to tell you about my recent electronic nightmare.

For the last 5 years, I've owned a Toshiba laptop.  It was a dinosaur...weighed...oh, I don't know...maybe 200 pounds.  She breathed her last breath on February 1st.  RIP Dino Toshiba. You lived a full life.

I can't say I was really all that sad to see her go.  It was time.  Time for something fresh and new.  I did some research, went and looked at new laptops, and was quickly sold on the idea of an ultrabook.  Smaller, lighter, faster.  Yes please.

I purchased my new (Toshiba) ultrabook, which may I add was NOT INexpensive, and got her all set up.

30, yes 30 days later.  I'm diligently working on DQ end of the month paperwork, which is something I don't necessarily love to do.  Jeni gently places new ultrabook on the kitchen table, carefully lifts the screen up, and proceeds to hear a very small popping sound. The result of said popping noise looks a little something like this:


I marched my big angry self back into Best Buy.  I was promptly told by the Geek Squad that my screen had cracked.  Gee, thanks for the diagnosis.  Geek, my a$$.  What could they do about the problem? Nada.  New screen for an ultrabook: $900.  New ultrabook:  $900.  Mr. Geek was especially sweet when he said, "I'll bet you wish you had purchased the extended warranty."  Jerk. I huffed and I puffed and I pretended to be strong...until I got to my car.  Cue the waterworks.  I allowed myself a few tears and then had a good ol' heart to heart with myself:

The computer is broken.  
Nothing you can do about it.  
You can choose to continue to be sad and angry, or you can move on.

Move on.  

Back I go to Best Buy.  It was a little hard for me to not give Mr. Geek the stink-eye as I passed him.  Instead I chose to give him my very best smart aleck grin. I purchase yet another ultrabook.  I learn that I am entitled to return any (unbroken) laptop within 30 days of purchase.  And yes, I add the stinkin' extended warranty.

This ultrabook has not broken, but she's quirky.  She runs hot which I do not enjoy.  She likes to power off at random.  A few other functions are legit, but annoying.  As much as I like my humans quirky, I like my electronics to operate with perfection.  I do not handle electronic glitches well.  A very large portion of my life takes place from my computer and phone.  Some say that's a shame.  I say that's my life.  And as you all know, I love my life.  

I've been talking with others.  Here is what I express to them: 

I am unsatisfied with this laptop.  I L-O-V-E the ultrabook style.  It suits me perfectly.  I love the size, the weight and the speed.  I need an ultrabook that operates with 100% precision.  I don't have time for malfunctions, viruses or quirkiness.  I need something that is completely reliable.  What should I get?

Everyone tells me the same thing.

Can you guess what they tell me?

What would you tell me?

Did I do the right thing?

Since I now own a Macbook Air, it only makes sense that I also needed this, right?

Let the learning curve begin.


  1. My dinosaur is in the nursing home right now.. I can tell her life is coming to an end and I am sad.. I dread having to get a new laptop for that very reason!!! Glad you found something you like though!

  2. well i had a MAc Book Air and all it did was crash all the time, I took it back and they told me they did not know why it always crashed. They had it for two week, still could no get it fixed , they asked me If I bought the warranty I said no and they said well It will cost you $800 to fix it when I bought it for $1200 i said screw that went and bought a Sony Vaio for $500 It has worked like a dream now for 6 months I love my Sony

  3. Our "main" computer is a desktop imac. I just realized it's actually like SEVEN years old! We need to upgrade but that gives me such heartburn. New Photoshop license, new autocad license, etc etc ugh.
    We gotta bite the bullet and do it though. I mean, new vids and photos will be in high volume come June. Gotta get it before we kill the old one's memory :)

  4. I have a MacBook and LOVE it! No issues or complaints, and I've had it for 2 years. I absolutely think they are worth the extra money. You will catch on in no time and I think they are much more simple than a PC. Good luck!


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