Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Year Ago Today

The view from our hotel room.  George and Farid really spoiled us.
One year ago today, I woke up from a 3 hour sleep feeling incredibly excited...and a little scared. It was transfer day.  My mom, Jill and I took turns taking showers, and began getting ready for the trip from New York City to Connecticut.  Our morning consisted of Jeni "losing it" for a brief moment, as I was really feeling the pressure.  I wanted SO badly for this transfer to be successful.  Our morning also consisted of losing all power to our hotel room.  Did you know 3 blow dryers at once is too much juice for one hotel room?  :-)  Fortunately, hotel staff fixed the problem quickly and seemed to find the humor in 3 chicks trying to blow out their hair at once.  Hey!  A girl's gotta look nice when she's getting knocked up!

Stress much?
We made a quick stop at Starbucks for breakfast and we hit the road.  We made great time and arrived at Connecticut Fertility with time to spare.  This gave us some time to sit in the parking lot and process what was getting ready to occur and how amazing it all was.  It also gave me some time to become a little more nervous!

Mom and I.  Yes, I know...she's gorgeous.
We waited only a short time in the waiting room before being called back for the actual transfer. After they took me back to get changed, Dr. Doyle stopped by to say hello to Mom and Jill. They told him I was very nervous.  He asked what I was nervous about. They explained to him that I really wanted the transfer to work. He reassured them that it would work.  He felt extremely confident that I would become pregnant.  He was right.

These 2 beautiful embryos were transferred to my uterus.  
It was such an amazing moment. 
 I will never forget how full my heart felt at that moment.  

The 5 of us left the clinic with  two precious babies in tow.  
We grabbed a bite to eat on our way back to the city.

Once back at our lovely hotel, we took some time to chill.  I did a whole lot of this:

That evening the guys picked us up at the hotel and we all went to George's volleyball game.  It was super fun to see George and his team doing their thing and especially exciting that they won!  After the game, Farid and George took us on a little driving tour of New York City.  I absolutely adore New York City at night. I love New York City during the day too, but I think it's especially beautiful at night. We ended up ordering some dinner and having it delivered to our hotel room. We got a chance to eat, hang out, and chat.  We were all wearing our good luck bracelets that Skyler had made for us and we made lots and lots of  twin wishes.  I remember laying in bed that night, thinking...wondering.

Was I pregnant?  

Was I pregnant with twins?  

Yes, I thought.  Yes to both.

One year ago today I woke up after a 3 hour sleep feeling incredibly excited
...and a little scared.  

This morning I woke up after a 7 hour sleep feeling extremely happy
...and incredibly proud.  

For today, there are 2 men in Brooklyn who woke up to 2 beautiful babies.  


  1. That is a beautiful story! You are a truly special person for making someone else's dream(s) come true!
    Gorgeous kids! Congratulations to all of you. What a year!!!!

  2. Awe... very sweet! I think it's so hard to describe these feelings. I try but I just end up using "awesome" way too much and really that word doesn't even come close to how this feels.

    You baked some adorable little kiddos.

  3. Jeni Jeni Jeni! Not fair making a man who just had surgery cry! IT HURTS!! LOL, I love this!!!

  4. It's amazing to look back (and forward). I hope you know how special you are :)

  5. Beautiful! Jeni you are amazing, you just have this way of writing that just draws one in and sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. Thank you thank you thank you

  6. OMGEEEEEEEEEE look at those adorable faces!!! I can't stop smiling for you!!! Awesome.


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