Wednesday, September 26, 2012


You all remember the The Tale of 3 Fishies don't ya?  
If not, you may wish to refresh your memories.

Who knew beta fish lived so darn long!  These 3 girls are now the only pets in our household.  We have a "sick of 'em, but can't bear to flush 'em" relationship. You know, they're not necessarily a pain to take care of, but they really don't bring anything to the relationship if you know what I mean.

So just now, I walked downstairs for a lunch break.  Stopped dead in my tracks when I see poor Phoebe, lifeless on the floor in the middle of the kitchen.  The MIDDLE of the kitchen! It's common knowledge that Betas can jump...but usually only an inch or so which is about how low I keep the water from the top. Poor sweet Phoebe must have jumped from the bowl and flopped her way around until she fell all the way to the floor.  I grabbed a paper towel so that I could throw her out, er...I mean have a beautiful ceremony for her.  As the paper towel touched her there was slight movement.  I immediately go into action.  

We have MOVEMENT people!  

Quick! Let's get this chick back into the water!  She's drowning in all this AIR! (very strange thought)

I briskly grabbed Ms. Phoebe by the tail fin and threw her back into the bowl.

Immediate sink.

And stillness.


I lean in and look very closely at the side of the tank where Phoebe's body is still and kinda lopsided.  Could I see any signs of breathing?  


Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  


BAM!  Phoebe starts to move.  And suddenly she bolts up to the top of the tank, grabs a gulp of air (Huh?  Why air?  Weird...) and begins swimming about as if nothing had ever happened.  

*Be HEALED my child!*  

That's right folks.  The super-powers are never ending.  I have now brought someone(thing) back from the dead.  I'm designing my cape as we speak and Marvel has already contacted me for a movie deal.  

All is well.

Reunited and it feels so good!


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  2. Shut the front door! I was so engrossed the whole time reading this story Jeni, LOL!!! OMG, yay Phoebe!!

  3. Oh man... you are quiet the superhero-Fish are crazy!

  4. This post brought a smile to my face - too funny. LOL

    You're Beta's escape story (which BTW I can't see that word without thinking "beta") had a much happier ending then my nephews fish. The open bowl was next to the sink and the crazy thing jumped from the bowl right into the garbage disposal - which was running !!! The thing must have had a death wish. :/

  5. So funny. I actually laughed out loud. You are a super hero, Jeni!


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