Saturday, November 24, 2012

The First Thanksgiving

No, not the VERY first...

but MY very first Thanksgiving - just the girls and I.

Skyler, Savannah and I celebrated our Thanksgiving on Wednesday night.  Rick and I agree that as far as holidays are concerned, the best thing for the girls will be consistency...what they already know.  Thanksgiving night has always been spent at Rick's parent's house and this year would be no different.  The only difference is that the night before would be their Thanksgiving with me.  At first I wasn't sold on this arrangement, but it didn't take long before I recognized that the "holiday" isn't necessarily about THAT particular day, it's about the celebration.  It really doesn't matter (to me) what day the celebratin' takes place.  

The girls and I created a menu complete with all of our favorites including (a very small) turkey and all the trimmings.  We had a nice, casual dinner together filled with conversation and laughter.  We, of course, took some time to reflect on all we had to be thankful for.  We all agreed on the usuals - thankful for family, friends and health, food, a nice home and love.  Savannah also read a paragraph she had written at school which stated one of the things she was most thankful for was recess (because it gives us a "brain break".)  Although Skyler and I snickered a bit when she read that, I thought about it later and decided she's absolutely right!  With how much I've been working lately, Thanksgiving Day was a day of NO work for me.  My recess, if you will.  And the brain break was 100% needed and appreciated.  Skyler shared the things she was thankful for, one of which really hit home.  Skyler was thankful for change - because it gives us the opportunity to become stronger.  What a wise and insightful thought, especially from an 11 year old.  I am ABSOLUTELY thankful for change. And strength. And independence. And courage.  

Our Thanksgiving would not have been complete 
without quite possibly the best part of Thanksgiving. 


When you live in a house full of girls, dessert time looks a little different.  Like, no need to cut and serve the pumpkin pie different.  3 forks.  That's all that's needed.  

Can you tell we're not crust fans?

Thursday morning was spent lounging around in our PJ's watching movies and the parade.  Rick picked up the girls in the afternoon and they headed off for another delicious Thanksgiving dinner at Rick's parent's house.  Me, I stayed home.  Alone.  

Now before you go and feel sad for me, please know that I was invited to 4 Thanksgivings.  And while I very much appreciated the thoughtfulness of others and their willingness to include me, I assured everyone that I was actually quite looking forward to a nice quiet evening to myself, in my new house, which I love by the way.  After all, I had already had my Thanksgiving evening.  Now it was time for some quiet "me" time.  I thoroughly enjoy "me" time.  

One girl + one chick flick + appetizers = A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

So there you have it, my very first Thanksgiving.  Quite a success I'd say during this time of change.  I trust that all of you spent your Thanksgiving in exactly the way you wanted to, with those you love the very most.


  1. I love how you just ate the pie with forks and no plates. That's how it should be done!

  2. Beautiful! Love love love.

    And that last photo is pure awesomeness.

  3. I'm happy that your first holiday as an independent woman was a success!! When I read that you watched a chick flick with some tasty appetizers, I didn't feel sorry for you! I smiled, because that actually sounds pretty damn amazing! Good for you Jeni. :)

  4. What a wonderful way to spend your holiday. Its really about what you make of it and I wish that my first Holiday without my kids would have been as gracious as yours. You are inspiring!

    P.S. I love the crust!!

  5. For some reason I can't see the pumpkin pie photo. Maybe that's a good thing because I'd want to be pushing my fork in the ring too. Yum! It's my favorite part of the eatin'. I'm glad you enjoyed your alone holiday time as well as time with your girls. Your girls always amaze me with how smart and insightful they are.


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