Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nana's Plugged In To Surrogacy News

My Nana, my ninety year old Nana recently sent me an article from a magazine she was reading - Ladies Home Journal.  The article was about surrogacy.  Now we all know how much I enjoy seeing surrogacy in the news, so I was thrilled to see the article, however, what struck me more than that was the fact that Nana read the article, thought of me, and sent me the article along with this lovely note.

Jeni - Didn't know if you got Ladies Home Journal - thought you'd enjoy this article.
This lady is older than you but she's giving of herself just like you--
Love you - Nana
Hugs & Kisses to the girls!

The article was about this beautiful family.
"Bringing In Finn"

God bless my Nana.  The 90 year old woman who had no issues whatsoever when it came to me becoming a surrogate.  The woman who completely embraced the fact that I was carrying for 2 men and lovingly referred to them as "The Boys."  The Nana who was thrilled to crochet baby blankets for Gustavo and Milena that I could give to them at their birth.  And when she heard how much Farid and George liked the blankets and wanted one "their size", she gladly (and proudly) crocheted an adult size Nana blanket for them.  Nana blankets are a real specialty in our family.  We all have and treasure them and it makes me very happy to know that the guys and the babies also have a Nana blanket.

Pretty impressive that a ninety year old woman is such a cool chick, wouldn't you say?  Apparently it's in the genes.  :)


  1. FAVORITE POST EVER!!!!! WOW, your Nana truly is amazing... Can she be my Nana too?! I don't have any living grandparents, I need some Nana in my life!! :)

  2. Your Nana sounds so proud of you, and you of her, deservedly so. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing! Just amazing!
    xoxo Carly

  4. I love your Nana without even knowing her. What a wonderful soul! You are blessed to have her!

  5. Nana rocks. My Grandma Ruthie is 94 and thrilled that someone is willing to carry a baby for me. Cheers to strong women.

  6. You are truely blessed to have such an amazing "nana" is your life- What a blessing to your family!

  7. Awww! I love Nana too!!! What an awesome lady! Truly a blessing, Jeni!

  8. Your Nana sounds awesome. I am so in love with the fact that so many people from older generations are so excited about their friends and families being involved in surrogate situations. It's pretty cool.

  9. We all need a Nana like that! The world would be a better place!


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