Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More proof that vibes DO count!!

When I decided to work with an agency, Circle Surrogacy just kinda fell into my lap!  I had seen some Classified Ads posted by them and liked what I saw.  I guess there was nothing in particular about the ads, but I kept getting good vibes! (I'm a huge vibe person.)  I decided to check out their website and have a look around.  I still really liked what I saw, and after some encouragement from my mom and sister, I decided to fill out the online application.  And it was a LONG application! :)  As I would submit each page, I would think, surely this is the last one, but no!  Page after page after page!!  Then at one point, I submitted a page and it said, "Thank you for completing the application.  Someone will contact you within 24 hours."  I freaked out a little bit at that point!

We all know how most companies do business.  They might SAY they will do a, b, or c, but they NEVER do!  You should probably know that I am a very organized person.  I follow rules to a tee. I am extremely committed. I am loyal.  I follow through.  It's actually a little scary/borderline OCD sometimes. Lol!   But I also live in the real world and know that unfortunately, not everyone functions this way. Well, good news for me, Circle manages to function just like me!  Hooray!  I heard back from Circle about 23 hours after I submitted my application and was given tons of really great and exciting information!  Everything from what I could expect regarding surrogacy, to what I needed to do on my end to start the "real" application process.  I was so excited to get the info. and of course I read over it time and time again to make sure there was nothing I was missing. The next day, I went to work contacting doctors and hospitals to send over my medical records, filling out paperwork and faxing it back to Circle, etc.  Every time I contacted Circle, I would hear RIGHT back!  They would immediately let me know when they had received documents and provide me with the next ones!  I know I shouldn't sound so shocked, but I was!  I would shoot off an email and before I knew it, I had a reply.  Truly amazing!  The even more amazing news is that they have continued to be that on top of it!  I have been so impressed with their level of efficiency.  I feel so fortunate that I happened upon the best agency ever! 

See!  All you vibe really does mean something! :)

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  1. I'd say you're a solid 90% accurate on good vibes, which is quite impressive. I get a bad vibe when I doubt your good vibes.


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