Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love and Support

The surrogacy process requires many things...both for the surrogate, and the IP's.  There are many medical procedures taking place, many feelings and emotions to process, and a whole heck of a lot of patience needed for all parties involved.  I believe that all of these things are absolutely doable...with the right amount of love and support.

I feel so fortunate to have the family, friends and community that I do, which offer me all of the love and support I need.  I was fully prepared to encounter plenty of people who would not be supportive of my decision to be a surrogate.  I have been surprised though, at how many people have been extremely supportive and truly interested in our journey.

The surrogacy process is a beautiful one.  And one that very few people experience.  Human beings joining together to create a family is an incredible thing. I am thrilled to be sharing this journey with all of you.

So thank you....to my family.  Experiencing this adventure with all of you is wonderful.  I feel incredibly loved and supported and I want you all to know how much that means to me.

To my friends, your support has been amazing!  You have listened to all of my very detailed stories, and we all know, I have a difficult time "keeping it brief"!  :)

To my community, for keeping your hearts and minds open to the idea of surrogacy, and being a carrier for gay men, in particular. 

And to my IF's, Farid and George.  You make this experience so special for me just by being the kind of men you are.  The way you live your lives, inspires me to be a better person.  I feel extremely honored to be given the opportunity to carry your children. 

Finally, I know that there are many people, from all over the world, who are reading this blog!  I am so glad you are here and I thank you for your interest!  I feel your support just by your following along!   Please know that I would love for you to introduce yourself!!  It's always nice to know who's reading!   I promise, I'm really nice!!  :)

This is starting to sound like an acceptance speech!  So on that note...I'd also like to thank the Academy....


  1. Hi Jeni!! I'm Andrea from California. I stumbled across your blog (last week?) and so glad that I did!! I love reading your posts. I am so happy that we can experience this wonderful journey around the same time together....as you know I am just behind you! I will reply on you for support and want you to know that I am here for you to do the same. Best wishes for a wonderful, memorable, remarkable journey!!

  2. Hi Andrea! I am so glad you are following! I can't wait until you get all of your medical screening results and have your cycle schedule in hand! Hope the wait is going quickly for you! Keep us posted! -Jeni

  3. Hi Jeni, just found ur blog and now I'm a new follower! I'm in TX and also a (hopeful) surrogate. I look forward to following your journey!

  4. Krystal-

    Yay! Thanks for following! And so glad to hear you're a fellow surrogate! Keep me posted on your journey!!

  5. Keep up the stories, Jeni. Any links that you've discovered along the way that you think would be helpful to others would be great too.

  6. Hello Jeni - My name is Cindy and I live in Illinois. I was introduced to your blog from another surrogate named Kelli L, we are both surrogates from another agency. I'm just starting to read your blog (although I know you've already delivered), and I'm humbled to discover we share a lot in common. I've been matched with two men from Florida and although I've only met them once, I too felt a strong connection. I appreciate your blog and love reading about your journey. I hope to have a successful journey too, filled with happy memories. Thanks again for sharing.


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