Sunday, January 22, 2012

The JENI Tour

The comments on my last post got me daydreaming.  

So let's play a game.

The JENI Tour.
Now Booking Select Cities.

Suppose that money and time were endless and I could travel the world visiting with all of my blog world friends.  Where would the journey take me?  What would I see and experience?

In the comment section below, let me know if you would like for me to make a stop in the place you call home.   Tell me what I would love best about the area you live in.  What would we do while I am there?  I'm pretty easy going...I'll be up for an adventure, or for just hanging out!  Whatever we end up doing during my stay, if you're pregnant, prepare to be spoiled and pampered.  If you're a parent, prepare to have a pretty darn awesome babysitter around. If you're neither pregnant nor a parent, what EVER will we do with all that free time! :-)

I look forward to creating an itinerary based on your comments. I am very excited to see where this journey leads me!  I hope to see MANY places, meet LOTS of new people and have TONS of new experiences.

The game starts now!


  1. You'd have to swing by Georgia of course!! I'm not great company right now being on bedrest but there are a lot of "Georgia Peaches" who could show you a great time - take you to some of the amazing local restaurants, play tourist and visit the Aquarium, World of Coke, catch a performance at the Fabulous Fox theater, see the pandas at the Zoo or whatever else you wanted to see while you were here! :D

  2. How about....YOU'LL FIND OUT IN APRIL!!!!!


  3. Interesting... You could certainly come visit us in West Palm Beach. My favorite thing to do is ride my bike over to Palm Beach in the evening at sunset and take a walk on the beach,maybe have a glass of wine and talk about babies! Let's go!

  4. Chicago is often very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Best to come in the spring or the fall if you want to see the regular sites. But Chicago in the summer has tons of street festivals, outdoor concerts, movies in the park and Taste of Chicago which is an awesome festival of food.

  5. This is why I love your blog...I would never come up with somthing like this!
    Well since British Columbia is known as "The best place on earth", you would definitely have to come here! I would take you to so many fantastic places here in Vancouver!!!

    I would take you to downtown Vancouver where we would take in "the sights" (Gastown,Granville street,Granville Island,, get some sushi somwhere amazing (there are so many places) or even the Afghan incredible restaurant where you sit on the floor on pillows. We would walk the seawall at Stanley Park and depending on the time of year, watch the Celebration of Light fireworks in English Bay in the summer.
    I would also take you on the hour and 45 min ferry ride over to Vancouver Island and show you around beautiful Victoria (our capital) and go to the wax muesum, parliament buildings and Royal BC Museum. We would travel up and over to the other side of the island to Tofino (about 7 hours away lol) where we would eat fresh crab at Shelter Restaurant, go whale watching and enjoy massages at a luxurious spa before heading back to North Vancouver and go to The Capilano Suspension Bridge, have lunch in the chalet at Grouse Mountain (perhaps if its winter, we would do a Snowshoe Fondue Tour where we snowshoe, then enjoy cheese and chocolate fondue after).

    K really...I could go on and on...there are so many fantastic things to do here. This is why I love it here!!! It doesnt matter what time of year it is, there is ALWAYS lots to do, places to see and you are guaranteed a great time. Not to mention...I am LOTS of fun lol....we would have a blast!!!!

  6. Etters, PA! Ok, so I got nuthin' as far as attractions (unless you'd like to check out the local gas station chain or a VFW).
    But, we're CLOSE to plenty of places. ;)
    Our family favorites are Hershey's Chocolate World, the Maryland Zoo and the Baltimore Aquarium. What could be bad about any of those, right?!

  7. rural east central Illinois! I live on 10 acres about 45 minutes from Champaign-Urbana, home of University of Illinois. I live out in the middle of nowhere. We would probably go up to Champ-Urb to do something. Otherwise, life on the farm consists of living in a humble little farm house until we build a new one, LOTS of chores, quilting/other crafty projects, playing with 3 kiddos, fishing/playing in/around the pond/creek, raising egg laying chickens/ducks/guinea fowl and occasionally slaughtering our own chickens for meat. We want to put a fence this year to get sheep and llama. Sound fun, yet?! ;)

  8. Well you'd have to come and visit the Barossa Valley, South Australia. We'll take you cruising in our 1968 Mustang through the rolling hills covered with vineyards.......taking a stop at each winery and tasting the gourmet food delights that we have on offer. We'll see loads of wildlife (the locals) and kangaroos.... it'll be pretty quiet as we're still waiting for our bundle to arrive - so make sure you come before August!!

  9. My response did not show up.

    You'd have to come and visit me in's the biggest little city in the world after all.

    We'd go to Lake Tahoe, Virginia City and my house since my husband sells alcohol for a living so we would be well taken care of.

  10. Since you already visit SoCal annually, I won't drag you to my little corner of it - Instead, let's you and me get our passports ready (okay, I have to apply for one pronto LOL) and head to Italy to spend some time with my IFs and my adorable surrotwins! We can take over their care and let my IFs have some alone/grown up time. Whaddya say? <3


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