Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facebook AND Pinterest

You all know that we have a Facebook community right?  What??? You're not  following the Love Makes A Family Facebook page?  Well for goodness sake.  Take your pointer.  Point it right HERE. I'm waiting.......  Now guide it in a Northeastern direction.  A little further......STOP. See the Love Makes A Family Facebook widget? Click Like.  Great job!  Now you're a part of our Facebook family!  Still a little nervous about being a follower?  Here's the deal.  I promise I do not flood your news feed with posts.  Just a little happy post here and there to remind you that life is awesome, and so are you.  Also, I absolutely adore it when others post their happiness on our wall. The more joy and happiness in our lives, the better, I believe.  Just do it. Hit like.  If for no other reason than I would REALLY love to not have the follower number read "69" anymore.  Just sayin'.

And if you want even more wonderfulness in your life, Love Makes A Family is now on Pinterest!  Yes my friends, Love Makes A Family is just all over the place. Follow me there as well.  The user name is, yep you guessed it, LoveMakesAFamily.  I've posted a Follow Me button just under the previously mentioned Facebook button to make it oh so easy for you. Again, you'll see that I pin inspiring and encouraging pins about surrogacy, pregnancy, equality, kids, family, and a pin here and there that's just for fun.  I'm looking forward to catching up with you there!

Speaking of Pinterest, I've added a Pin It button to the left hand side of the blog in case you think this blog is so awesome that you want to pin it on your boards.  Would you like me to guide your pointer to the Pin It button?  :-) Having people share my blog with others is such a huge compliment and I blush every time I learn that someone has done so.  Can you see that I'm blushing right now? Aw shucks.

Until next well.

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