Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your Calling

Every once in a while, I find that there is a word or phrase that I don't care for and it is at that moment that I decide to remove this word or phrase from my vocabulary.

Recently, there is a phrase that I have heard on several occasions that I have tossed into the vocabulary garbage can and I'd like to encourage you to do so as well.


Think about it.  It's a pretty depressing statement.  

How wonderful it is to have a calling, or even multiple callings.  But to tell someone they've missed it, is simply wrong.  What a negative view on life to imply that you've missed it. It's gone.  It's not capable of happening.

From this day forward I vow that the message that I will send is this:  
You've found a calling!  That's fantastic! 
Tell me what's next, now that you've realized your calling!

I'm also choosing to embrace the fact that we can have more than one calling. We are complex creatures with many talents and passions.  Develop those talents and passions and you've got yourself lots of opportunity, and thus, a calling.  Over the course of a lifetime, our callings might change, or evolve. Embrace your calling or callings.  Be grateful that you have realized them and make plans to do something with them.  Life is short.  Live it passionately.

And speaking of callings, here's a great article about them:


  1. I love how you are putting the positive spin on things. So many people look into the negative and unfortunately you really have to work on being positive. I am making an real effort to be, spread, and share positivity. So glad there are others out there with me fighting the good fight

  2. Okay, maybe I missed this...but did someone actually say "you missed your calling" to you? I mean, really?? Your calling has nothing to do what that person thinks what is or isn't. Your calling (my personal opinion) is to be an awesome, trustworthy, kind, amazing person, friend and surrogate. You HAVE found your calling. It's being YOU!!

    Screw everyone else...especially that person that said you missed it.



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