Monday, February 20, 2012

Prove You're Not A Robot

Ever wonder who the lucky person is that sits around creating the verification words for blog comments?

And yes, it's got to be a person.  I will never believe that these words are randomly generated by a computer. No way.

A computer DOES NOT randomly generate:

You just KNOW there is this very small group of people, sitting around coming up with these words.  Sure, they throw in a bunch that are completely random, but that's just so that nobody finds out their secret.  WELL, your secret's out!  And I want your job.

Seriously.  What a great job!  You'd get to laugh every day, wondering how many people are chuckling, or even better, offended by, the "computer generated words".  Hee hee!  I wanna know where I can apply.


  1. Every time I post a comment, I'm always so excited to find out the word!!

  2. Interestingly enough, I heard it was old books that had been damaged and the librarians trying to bring them back to life submitted words damaged over time, or by water damage, etc. for a consensus so they could say a majority ruled.


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