Sunday, April 29, 2012


I ordered these t-shirts a couple weeks ago from the Human Rights Campaign. This week I broke them in and proudly wore them as I went about my daily business.  Here is what I learned.

People.  Read.  Shirts.

I received many, MANY, MANY comments (compliments) about these shirts. Lots of "I love that", "Where'd you get that?" and even one "What's that mean?" All of the comments equal one thing.  An opportunity to talk.  About how simple, how important, equality is.

Not the speaking type?  No worries.  Let your shirt do the talking for you.

The HRC Store has lots of options.  Many ways to help spread the word.
Let's talk.


  1. Love those shirts!! You go, girl!

  2. I have the first one. I LOVE IT. I agree with Jesse, you GO!!

  3. I know the main point of this blog was about the shirts, but I cant get over after looking at the 1st picture of you how much you look like Jennifer Ainsten (SP?) A dark haired version. Oe Vei! Hottie!


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