Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Weekend of Jesse and Jeni

Good news!  
She likes me!  She really, really likes me!

I was nervous. All that I could think about was that I sure hoped that Jesse liked me in person.  If not, we were in for a long, awkward weekend.  Jesse reassured me that all would be well and also let me know that there was a hotel nearby should she decide she didn't care for my company.  Gee, thanks, friend.  :)   

I had a nice, smooth flight, even though I happened to be seated next to a young man who was not ultra aware of his personal space.  (Yes, that would be MY arm and shoulder you're leaning on.)  He was not unattractive, so I didn't bother to educate him on where his personal space ended and mine began.

The moment we landed, I received a text from Jesse welcoming me.  God Bless the flight tracker apps...what did we ever do without them?  We texted back and forth while I deplaned and headed toward baggage claim where Jesse was meeting me.  My heart beat quickly.  My hands were shaking.  

There she was.  I immediately recognized her and her cutie-patootie belly.  I ran (that's heels) to meet her and we gave each other a big hug.  We got my bag, went to the car and as we left the parking garage, I commented that the Milwaukee airport was quite nice.  Jesse thanked me for the compliment adding "I designed it".  Cue first laugh of the weekend.  

"Ticket FIRST!" scolded the parking attendant Joseph, (whom Jesse lovingly called "Joe") when she tried to hand him her cash.  Cue second laugh of the weekend.

On the way to her house, Jesse gave me a driving tour of the city of Milwaukee. I saw:

Lake Michigan (Great shot)

Milwaukee  (Jesse designed many of these buildings as well)

Brewer Field  Miller Park

Before too long, we arrived at Jesse's house which is actually more like a ranch, complete with a 130 year old house, a barn, a 2nd barn used to house limos, a wood burner used to heat the house and lots of land. I learned so many things about country livin' this weekend.  Jesse had arranged for a babysitter so that she and I, along with her husband Boy Jesse, could go to a fish fry.  Apparently while in Wisconsin, I needed to experience a fish fry, which comes with fried cod, rye bread, french fries and cole slaw.  It was just a little bit yummy...and by a little bit, I mean a lotta bit.  After dinner, we made our way back to the ranch, but not before I spotted this:

For real.

We stayed up late Friday night chatting the night away and having many, many laughs.  Boy Jesse even let me throw a log into the wood burner outside, and he showed me how the wood burner heats the house.

Saturday morning we hung out at the house and I thoroughly enjoyed me some sticky buns made by Jesse.  These look awful, right?

Don't worry.  We had fruit too so that we could have a "healthy" breakfast.

Jesse and I took the kids to lunch and a park before dropping them off at her Dad's house for the night.  It was here that I was able to see and learn about Drewry Farms maple syrup production.  Jesse's family collects and bottles the best maple syrup ever!

Miles and miles of line that transport the sap to a collection area.

I'm sure this contraption has a name but since I don't know it,
let's just call her the bottle filler.
The Final Product.
Once I had my syrup in hand, Jesse and I drove to the nursing home so that I could meet her mom.  Sue is a lovely woman full of spirit and equipped with an exceptional sense of humor.  It was an honor meeting her.  We had a lovely dinner out that night, just Jesse and I.  I was promised cakes of pan for breakfast Sunday morning.

Me, Mark (the driver), Jesse

Sunday was all about pampering!  Jesse was kind enough to make pancakes and sausage for us before we headed out, via a limo, to get our toes done.
Me, Boy Jesse, Jesse

Mirrored Roof...bow chicka wow wow...
Sparkling Grape Juice (for the baby)

We went to lunch feeling nice and relaxed with pretty toes to boot!  Sunday night was spent relaxing at home as I had an early flight Monday morning.

The weekend went far too fast.  We had far too much fun, and no matter how long it is before we get to hang out again, it will be far too long a wait.  One thing is for certain.  Jesse and Jeni will be Ling Losts Forever!

*Be sure to read Jesse's side of the story too. You can do that here. Jeni-Part 1


  1. Reading your post made me smile and laugh all over again! So happy you could come and hang out--the time had was more than fun.

    COME BACK!!!!

  2. Cute! Glad you two had a fun time.

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! Yay!

  4. So awesome. And may I say I'm impressed that you fly in heels.


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