Friday, May 11, 2012

This One's For The Commenters

Over the course of this blog's 18 month life, 
it has received many comments.

1010 to be exact.

In order to honor Love Makes A Family's 18 month birthday, as well as surpassing the 1000 comment mark, I decided to go back through and re-read the comments.  All of them, all the way back.  

And I cried.  

It is absolutely incredible how much support I have much praise and celebration has taken place, through comments alone.  I just want to take a moment to thank you, the commenters, for commenting.  For supporting me. For celebrating the great times with me.  For understanding during the difficult times.  For being there.  I feel the love.  And it's overwhelming.

Some of the comments that really made my heart swell:

  • Your enthusiasm and joy will be an inspiration to many.  Your story needs to be told.  I am so happy to be along for the ride.
  • Jeni, apart from being an amazing woman, mother and wife, did you know that you are a wonderful writer?  I hope so because you really are a very good story teller.
  • Your positive attitude is infectious.
  • Thanks for always writing so honestly.  A lot of people, me included, read posts like this and get so much out of them.  It's pretty noble that you share so freely.
  • Tears of happiness run down my face as my partner and I start our surrogacy process.  Thank you for a beautiful story.
  • You are such an inspiration as always, Jeni.
  • Thank you Jeni, for being such a supportive part of the surro community.  I haven't been around long but I always see you commenting on everyone else's blogs and you are always just so awesome.  
  • I love your blog for so many reasons.
  • Congrats to you for being such a wonderful example for so many of us.
  • Beautiful!  Jeni, you are amazing.  You just have this way of writing that just draws one in and sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry.  Thank you thank you thank you.
  • You are so amazing, Jeni.  Your family, your IFs, your surrotwins and us surrosisters are so blessed and lucky to "know" you via cyberspace.
  • This is BEAUTIFULLY written and I am, as always, touched and humbled by your honesty and your capacity for love.
  • I think it's an amazing thing you're doing.  Even if you aren't currently carrying, you are educating and opening up doors for others who may be considering it.
  • I just read your journey from start to finish and I must say you are a great inspiration for me during this journey. Your positive spirit throughout it all will remain in my head! Thanks for sharing!

How can a girl not get a little choked up?!  Ok, so maybe it doesn't take much to choke me up, but seriously, it still blows my mind that so many people care enough to take the time to leave a comment. 

I get comment notifications on my phone (yes, I'm OCD like that).  In my defense, I do that mostly because the comments make my day!  It's so lovely, when I am going about my daily tasks, to receive a nice little message from someone who is reading the blog.  So many of you comment on a consistent basis, which of course is why we all feel like we "know" each other.  It's how these blog relationships form.  My heart always jumps a little when I read a comment from someone "new".  Those comments are always especially touching.  I recognize that this is a person who does not usually comment, who took the time to communicate with me.  It really means a lot.  

THANK YOU, so very much, for all of the love and support you have shown over the last 18 months, and will undoubtedly continue to show.  It means the world to me.  I feel extremely blessed  to have such wonderful people in my life.

~ Jeni

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  1. Leaving some love for you! Hope your day is fab! ;)


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