Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday Skyler!

My first born.

The amount of pride I have for this girl is immense.

To begin, Skyler's got a big heart...a gigantic heart.  I mean ridiculously huge.  She is constantly thinking of others and putting others first.  I love that she has a passion for helping and that she's got such a giving spirit. For instance, Skyler recently donated 11.5 inches of hair to Locks of Love. What a wonderful gift.  Upon seeing the final length of her hair, after it was styled, Skyler felt just a little disappointed knowing that they could have gotten a few more inches of hair for someone who needed it more than her.
Skyler is an extremely hard worker.  Not only at school and at her hobbies, but also at home.  Whether it's dance, choir, jump rope club, the science fair or just plain old homework, Skyler will always give it everything she's got.  She's smart, polite and responsible.  She's incredibly committed and fiercely loyal.  I believe these are qualities that will take her some pretty awesome places in life.  

Yep.  That's my girl...mowing the lawn.  Do note her cross-cutting method.  Very nice.

What I think I may love the best about this girl is her balance in life.  She has a work hard-play hard mentality.  She's got an amazing sense of humor and although she might try to fool you and pretend that she's shy...this girl likes to be the center of attention. And she's not afraid to be a little silly to get it.
Case in point...Remember my sister Jill?  Spidey's girlfriend from our NY Transfer trip last March?  Yeah, she got married a week and a half ago. Well, during the reception, lots and lots of dancing took place.  I'm talking back to back, hands in the air, club like dancing.  Over the course of the evening, several dance circles were formed and who should plop herself right in the middle of said dance circle (um...like 5 times) and show the 100+ guests her best moves?  You guessed it.  She danced for hours...all the while, sporting her 3 inch wedge heels.  (Can you see the tear in my eye?)  3 inch heels.

And today, Skyler turns 11.  
Eleven amazing, fun, intense, full of laughs and smiles years.  
I feel so blessed and so proud to be her mom.

I love you Skyler, more than words could ever say.  


  1. Happy 11th Birthday Skyler!!!

  2. A very special little girl you have. Happy birthday Skyler!

  3. I...LOVE this post! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It does not surprise me AT all that your daughter is so amazing! Look at her Mother. What a great kid!!! I hope Zoey is JUST like her.

  4. Happy Birthday! Our children never cease to amaze us, thats for sure! She sounds like an amazing little girl!

  5. Does Skyler want to mow our lawn while we are away...? We have no idea when we'll be back so it might be a good gig. :-) Happy Birthday, Skyler! 11 is just a couple years away from 13...and then watch out! Thanks for sharing...


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