Friday, March 29, 2013


Although I rarely watch them, I do love commercials.  It's fascinating to me to see the marketing strategies of various companies and organizations.  Usually, I'm just so anxious to see who was voted off the island, who used the fast pass and how America voted on American Idol, that I fast forward through the commercials, which is why I hadn't yet seen a super awesome commercial.

Family and friends began messaging, texting and emailing me about the latest Kindle commercial.  They said, they thought of me, figured I would be happy to see it and Skyler even said, "I just saw what is going to be your new favorite commercial."

I'm so proud.  Yes, I'm proud of Amazon, along with all of the other companies who promote equality.  I'm equally proud that when my family and friends see these companies promoting equality, they think of me.  What an awesome thing to be associated with.  Equality.  For All.  

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