Monday, March 25, 2013

The Week - Thankful for...

After posting this post, I decided I would make a point to document as often as possible all of the things I've GOTTEN to do.  All of the opportunities I've had and the things I'm so thankful for.  In short, focusing on the positive.

So here you have it.  This week:

1.  I learned that I am lucky enough to be welcoming a new nephew to this world sometime this summer.  I'm so in love with him already.

2.  I've slept really well.

3.  I heard birds chirping first thing in the morning.  Signs of SPRING!

4.  I was invited to be a travel companion/support person for a good friend's upcoming transfer.  *SuPeR eXcItEd!* Blog post to follow.

5.  I slipped on ice and fell flat on my arse in the Target parking lot. Once on the way into Target and once on the way out.  Awesome.  Thankful for the fact that I wasn't badly injured.  And also for the fact that I am able to laugh at myself (after dropping an F bomb or two.)

6.  Dyed/decorated 60 (yes, sixty) Easter eggs with my girls.

7.  Bought a new pair of running shoes that made ALL the difference in my workout.  So much of a difference that I managed a brief jog in my very next workout - only for one minute, and not at a very fast pace, but RUNNING!    Did you hear me?!?! Running!  Who woulda thunk I'd ever be able to say that?  Not me.

8.  Aaaannnndddd......drumroll of those movies I thought I'd never have time for? Watched it.  Les Mis - totally worth the wait.

Happy week everyone.  What are you grateful to have experienced this week?


  1. If there are any typos in this comment, it's because I'm still laughing at the falling-on-my-arse-in-the-Target-parking-lot story. :)

    I am grateful for my special needs daughter and the little things she teaches us to appreciate. This week she has learned how to give hugs (with a smile!) and she is just beginning to eat pureed food with a little texture in it instead of completely smooth. Neither of these events are something you would normally associate with a nine year old, but in our house, we are cheering and celebrating every single time!

  2. I can't believe I missed reading two awesome posts on the day they were posted! i subscribed via e-mail because I check that EVERY day :) I think you are an amazing woman who inspires a lot of people. So I am grateful to experience your blogging! And I am grateful to learn more about my intended parents :) I am also grateful to watch my daughter's reading and writing progress, tonight she read Daddy a bedtime story...yesterday she read me a bedtime story (proudly I might add) :) Proof that kids are sponges! When she learns something new I rack my brain trying to remember when I learned it...sure it was in elementary school, but was it really in Kindergarten?????

  3. I am thankful to have a Jewish family in our lives who looks forward to sharing the Passover holiday with us gentiles every year, and for the first time in several years I got to sit through the whole service, because DD is old enough to sit through it, and DS lasted up until he was ready to crash out, so DH only had to get up with him briefly. So excited to have kids getting to the age of being able to sit nicely. :-)

  4. Jeni, I've been trying to make a gratitude list for years now and I never seem to keep it up. I've read that it really does make you happier in life. Good for you for doing it. Maybe reading your list will motivate me to keep my list. That should be number one on my list - Jeni's Blog!


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