Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm such a wimp!!

My box-o-drugs arrived yesterday and it was, of course, great fun for me to get it all organized! :-)  First, I organized everything  according to product:

Then I just had to place it all into a neat little container:

Isn't that just SO tidy???  I just love organizing things!!  :-) 

Here's the amazing part....even after organizing it all, even after seeing the needles, even after accidentally jabbing my finger with a progesterone needle (*Yow!*), I still wasn't scared!  I had Z-E-R-O nerves about giving myself my first Lupron injection.  Last night I laid out all of the things that I would need....not nervous!  I woke up this morning knowing I needed to get up and administer the Lupron...not nervous!  I opened the Lupron and syringe...not nervous!  Drew the medication into the syringe...not nervous!  Pinched the skin on my belly, held the syringe up and.....SCREEEEEECHHHH!!!!!  The not nervous bus comes to a halt!!  :-o

I totally psyched myself out!  And here's the's not the shot or the pain that scared me!  It was "giving" it to myself!  I do not have a fear of needles, or pain for that matter.  But there was something about the idea of seeing that needle break the skin, of making my hand go through that motion. 

So it's official....I'm a wimp!  :-)

I think I have permanent thumb and forefinger prints on my belly from pinching my skin for so long!  Haha!  I don't know how long it took me....probably 5 minutes.... before I just "did it".  Wow.  Very Much buildup for Very Much nothing!  The needle sinks into the skin no problem.  There is absolutely no pain.  I feel silly....

But...I did it, right????  Now I just need to do that every morning from now until the day before egg retrieval! Starting meds is a huge milestone in this journey that I am so excited to be on!  So here's to the journey...and all of it's "wimpy" moments!   Cheers! 


  1. Way to get it done! By March you'll be giving yourself the shot while eating breakfast, talking on the phone and painting your toenails.

  2. Lol! I did the exact same thing on my 1st lupron shot. Now it's just like a regular ol' thing! Wait until the PIO shots!! I never got used to those!

  3. I have a feeling i'm going to be the same exact way, haha!!! Glad to hear that it doesn't hurt. =)

  4. Just reading the blog! You're amazing!! See it's not so bad!!! Before long that Progesterone needle will feel like nothing!!!

  5. I'm so proud of you that you are able to do it! I never could... poor Andy would have to chase me around the house to give me the shot! You're a pro!


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