Thursday, June 23, 2011

16 Week Appointment

Our appointment this morning went great!  Who wouldn't love an hour long ultrasound "playdate" with the twins?!  They both looked fantastic!!  The tech just kept raving about how great everything looked!  She did a lot of measurements and also located many organs like the lungs, heart, bladder, stomach, kidneys, etc.  All was perfect!!  Instead of just measuring crown to rump length, now they measure head circumference, femur length and stomach to get an actual weight on each baby.  If you read my post this morning, you know that the books say right now babies weigh 3 ounces each.  Well....NOT these babies!!!  You see, these babies are over-achievers!  Each baby weighs 6 ounces!!!  Wahoo!!!!!  Yay for nice big babies!  The Dr. was thrilled with all of the numbers and was excited that the babies were so big!!  I am so proud of these kiddos...they are doing a fantastic job growing nice and big and strong!!

Some stats on me:
Blood Pressure: 118/65
Weight Gain: 5 pounds for a total of 13
Measuring: 22 weeks, which Dr. said is right on for twins at this point!

So hooray for everyone being healthy!!  Gonna celebrate with some yoga tonight!!

Here is a pic of the cuties!!  ...I know that's really all you wanted.....  LOL!

Baby B really likes to pose for pictures.  He/she was always looking right at us!
Baby A seems to prefer the profile.  :)


  1. yeah for healthy babies...that is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats on a wonderful appointment.


  3. What a great appointment! Cute pics!!!!


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