Monday, June 6, 2011

Let the Summer Fun Begin!

When did this happen????

Savannah has officially graduated from Kindergarten!!!  She is so excited and we hadn't even left the building when she declared herself a 1st grader!  :-)   Graduation is tough to get through emotionally when your body is surging with hormones, but I survived.  And let's face it...Pomp and Circumstance gets me every time...even when my sweet 6 year old cutie isn't walking down the aisle with her cap on! 

After Kindergarten graduation, we hopped over to Skyler's class where the last day of school is less emotional and all about celebrating!!  Her teacher had planned tons of fun games for the kids to play including this one where you tried to stack 6 dice on a Popsicle stick being held in your mouth!  I have to say...Skyler rocked the house at this challenge!

Or how about this one....Roll an Oreo from your forehead to your hands allowed!!  :)

Savannah gave this one a try too.... is officially out and we have already been enjoying BBQ's, running in the sprinklers, and the girls have been excited about staying up late and sleeping on the couches!  Gotta love summer time!


  1. Cutey patooty those girls..for sure. Yes, I am their Grandma, but still.

  2. Those games look fun! :-) Congrats to both of your girls!


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