Thursday, June 2, 2011

13 Weeks!

The babies are growing rapidly!!!  Crown to rump, they measure 2.6-3.1 inches long!!  They are each about the size of a peach!  Awwww......they're getting SO big!!  :)  Shockingly, I didn't feel like I got any bigger this week.  I will let you all be the judge of that:

13 Weeks
Maybe not a whole lot bigger...but I DID have a
good hair/makeup day!  Yahooo!!!  :-)

No, I'm definitely not complaining about not feeling any bigger.  This week was "reality" week for me. The twins make their presence known all the time now, whether it's wigglin' around (which can I just say, I love), or giving me the dreaded heartburn (don't love that so much).  The growing belly requires me to sleep on my sides, that is, when I am sleeping and not going to the bathroom!  :)  Anyway, what I'm getting at is that reality hit me this week when I realized, yes, I'm getting bigger.  I will continue to get bigger, and bigger and dare I say bigger as the weeks go on!  :)  These babies are-a-growin'!   And it's a wonderful thing I tell you! 

Got word from the Dr. earlier this week that all of the tests/bloodwork/ultrasound  results came back perfectly!  Babies are very healthy!  Yay!!!

3 weeks until our next sneak peak at the kiddos!!


  1. Yep, ur definitely growing, but you look great! :-)

  2. Belly!! LOVE it!! Your are beautiful!!


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