Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Was A Great Weekend!

Had an AMAZING weekend with my mom here in town with us!  It was great fun to hang around and catch up with the whole family!  I just have to show you this picture that I took of her at lunch on Friday:

Sorry, Mom.  I know you'll be mad at me for sharing this pic again...

Notice 2 things:
  • Doesn't she look INCREDIBLE?!!!!!  I pray that she passes her aging genes on to me!  Please, Lord!
  • She's sportin' her Bogota Latin Bistro t-shirt!  How cool is she????
Love my Mama! 

One cool thing that happened on Friday afternoon was when we were all sitting out on the deck relaxing when one of the babies decided to really give me a few big kicks!  Kicks that were big enough to see on the outside!!  Even my mom and Jill could see my belly jumping around from across the deck!  Cool, huh?????

My family is headed to Estes Park on Wednesday for a quick, overnight getaway!  It will be nice (especially for Rick) to get away for a short time!  Estes Park is really pretty, and the girls are looking forward to staying at the supposedly haunted Stanley Hotel...I am looking forward to staying at the very upscale, historic Stanley Hotel!  :)

I'm sure you are all keeping track of the fact that we will finally know the genders of these babies who are walloping me in just a week and a half!  :) Our appointment is Friday morning, so you only have 11 days to get your final guesses in on what you think George and Farid will be welcoming into this world! 


  1. I love your mom!! I don't even know her, but I love her--and she is a hottie! Whew! How cool that you were able to hang out with her and Jill :) And to see the kicks--waaaaay cool!

  2. Yep, ur mom's a cutie!! :) And sooooo cool that you could see the kicks from the outside!


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