Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Weekend With George and Farid

What an amazing weekend we had together!  Absolutely fantastic in every way! 

On Friday, we met at my house and it felt so great to see the guys again!  I was very excited for them to see "the belly" in person and I think they were excited  (and maybe a little overwhelmed) to see it in person!  Haha!  We headed straight over to the hospital where we had a short meeting with the financial department.  After that, we went to our ultrasound appointment!  The tech spent a BUNCH of time looking and re-looking, and RE-LOOKING at the positioning of the babies.  She finally came to the conclusion that indeed the baby on my RIGHT is actually closer to the cervix so SHE is actually Baby A!  Baby girl is breech and being Baby A, that presents a problem for delivery.  Positive energy for her to flip around and be head down would be greatly appreciated!  :)   Once that was completed, we were able to get to the "good stuff"!  It was wonderful to see that the babies are perfectly healthy!  Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound:

13 beautiful ounces of Baby Girl!

Yes...Baby Boy is showing us the peace sign!  Love it!

And how adorable is Baby Girl's foot????

The guys are ecstatic to be having a boy AND a girl!!  Perfect, right????

We hung out at my house that night and had lots of fun!  Dinner and lots of chatting, combined with a little x box 360 Kinect!

Volleyball, anyone?

Even Jill got in on the action!

Saturday we met up with my sister Joanie for some tennis!  Skyler and Savannah wanted to play a little after George and Joanie were done, and even got some helpful pointers from Farid and George! 

After tennis, George, Farid, Rick and I went up into the foothills to enjoy the scenery and a nice lunch together.  It was great to spend some time together just the 4 of us.  An afternoon I will NEVER forget....

The guys and I met up with Jill at the hospital for our tour which was fun, and informative.  Pretty crazy to see where these babies will be born!  Crazy...yet exciting!  Jill and I went to dinner with them that night.

Sunday was another day for some tennis, followed by dinner with the family and Jill.  Rick brought the girls home while Jill and I went to a movie with the guys.  Fun times.  My favorite picture from that night?

Monday we were able to have a nice long lunch with the guys before they needed to leave for the airport.  It was sad for me to say goodbye to them, but I know that I will be able to see them again before too long...

The one thing that DIDN'T happen this weekend that I was hoping for??  I didn't get any movement from the babies that was big enough for the guys to feel from the outside.  :-(     Next time....

Farid is always really good about taking pictures, so I will be sure to post some additional pictures that he got with his camera.  :)

It's really amazing.  I have always had a great connection with George and Farid. Yet each visit that we have, that connection manages to become stronger and stronger.  I feel so blessed to have met them.  To be carrying their children.  I am forever changed.   


  1. I gettin' a little misty over here!! Love that you had such a wonderful weekend!! Yay! I'm so very happy for you. Beyond happy. I think YOU need your own fireworks show! :)

  2. What a great weekend! It's great to see IPs that also love to be involved with the surro's family.

  3. Yeah I too am a little misty. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. That is a great weekend! I feel the same way about my IF's. Where are you delivering (if I may ask)?

  5. Count me in with the tears. Jeni, your posts and pictures just move me...I love it and think you rock this entire surrogacy thing. You are my hero. xox

  6. Love love love all the pictures. Can't wait till my guys can come visit. Looks like yall had a great time.


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