Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look What I Got!!

Marybeth, a friend of George and Farid's sent me a package this week!  Inside were these great sunglasses!  All different kinds of funky sunglasses!  I practically had to wrestle the box away from Skyler and Savannah just to get a peek at the selection!  The girls were rapidly placing dibs on certain pairs!  I immediately turned on my inner 8 year old and reminded them, "These are MINE!!"  :)

Then the 36 year old in me came back and I relented..."We can share...."

So we had a fun little photo shoot this morning and I wanted to share our pictures with you!

I think we look SMASHING!!

We just couldn't resist the urge to get our diva on!  :)

I am almost certain that we have a picture of Jill
in shades just like these from the early 80's...Priceless!
I know this one's blurry but I just had to show you the yellow pair too!

Jealous?????  Get your own!  I ALREADY have to share!  :)

Thanks Marybeth!!!!!


  1. Yes! I mean, who WOULDN'T wanna rock a pair of heart sunglasses?? Seriously.

  2. SO cute! My girls would love those too!


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