Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long Time No Post! :)

Did ya miss me? Huh, huh, did ya?? :-)

The last week of my life can only be described with one word:


The 3 Amigos....or as Farid says: Girls Gone Wild!  :)
My sister Jill, my mom Donna, and me

Our week in NY was filled with so many great things.  We were surprised to learn that instead of staying at the hotel in CT, George and Farid had gotten us a room in Manhattan!  We had the most gorgeous corner room overlooking the Hudson River.  We felt just a leetle spoiled!  :)  We shared many great meals at some pretty wonderful places! No shocker that we always eat well with the guys!!  I was especially excited to get to go back to George and Farid's restaurant, Bogota Latin Bistro  in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  I have been craving their incredible food since I was there for my medical screening.  Seriously people...if you are in NY, their restaurant should be put on the "must dine at"  list.  Happenin' atmosphere, incredible service and the food....oh, the food.... (excuse me while I drool...)  I really enjoyed getting to meet so many of their staff members and their friends!  We had an awesome time!!

The view from our room

One of many great meals...

So as you know...the babes looked great on Sunday, so we let 'em mature 2 more days and were set for a Tuesday 10:45 transfer!  We took the opportunity to celebrate on Monday night!  While Jill and I went to the Janet Jackson concert (Woo-Hoo!!), Farid and George took my Mom to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!  There was some debate over who had the better show, because we all enjoyed our evenings so much!!  We met up for dinner after the shows and exchanged all the juicy details about our respective shows!


Holy Spidey!  I couldn't resist this photo op with Jill!

The next morning, we got up and prepared to head to CT for the transfer. I wanted to take a moment here to note that I did shed a few (no...not a whole lot...but a few) tears that morning.  I was trying to think back to all of the blogs that I have read and could not think of any where the surrogate cried on the morning of transfer.  I wanted to document that I did indeed cry that morning, and I think that is ok!!  That morning, the feeling that I was having was this:  Everyone else has done their job.  Well.  Now it's all on me....I need to make sure I don't disappoint.  So, if you're a surrogate and you cry on the morning of the cry girl!!  Get those tears out!!  It's ok!  (I think these may be nearly the exact words that my mom and Jill spoke to me that morning.)

My cheerleaders....and "keep me calm-ers"

We got to the clinic and checked in.  Before I knew it, they were taking me back to get ready. George and Farid were shown into the room and the procedure had begun!  We were able to see the fertilized eggs (referred to as Blastocysts at this point) up on a large screen.  It was amazing to watch as the catheter was able to retrieve each Blastocyst, one at a time. The Endocrynologist brought that catheter into our room, and handed it to  Dr. Doyle who proceeded to transfer those beautiful Blastocysts into my uterus!  It was an amazing moment.  A very emotional moment. A moment I will absolutely NEVER forget!!  I lay on the table for about 30 minutes following the transfer and then we were free to leave!  It was a little surreal...I walked into that clinic as "Just Jeni" and left there as "Just Jeni carrying precious cargo".

All set!!

Proud Papa's....Farid and George

Aren't these just the cutest Blastocysts you've ever seen?  :)

I couldn't feel any more proud that I have been given this opportunity.

So now the wait begins!  We have our first beta (bloodwork to confirm pregnancy) next Thursday.  Will I be able to wait until then, or will I test at home??? 
 Only time will tell.....  Stay tuned my friends! 
 It's gonna be a great week!!!


  1. First of all, YEAH!!! And I'm thinking SO MANY positive thoughts for all of you!! All my crossables are crossed! I love all the pics and love how you shared the story-very awesome! I totally want to go to NY so I can eat at their restaurant! YUM-O! And seriously, that's your mom? I thought she was another sister! GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!! I have a good feeling about this!

  2. Wooohoo!!! Thanks for posting! And thanks for saying its alright to cry! lol I think about the moment of transfer all the time and wonder if Ill cry and I think I probably will, cause I get emotional just thinking about the fact that in 5 short weeks, Ill be in your position. I cry just thinking about it!!! I cant imagine not crying when actually DOING it lol
    You are amazing Jeni!!! What you are doing is incredible!!! And I cant wait to see your positive preggo test!!! Take a home one! lol Its cool too have that stick that says your pregnant...Ive kept the ones from two of my own pregnancies just cause its cool to have them!!

  3. Rock on Jeni! Sending positive thoughts your way!!!!!

  4. Sticky and positive thoughts headed out your way!! YAY for a great transfer!!! :)

  5. AAAAHHH!!! You're so knocked up!! Sounds like you had an amazing time! ****BABY DUST***

  6. What a fun trip!!! Both of my transfers were in LA, I would've LOVED NYC!

  7. I love your story! I remember sitting in those same rooms just a short time ago and it was so amazing. We all cried, I don't think there was any holding it back for any of us. I'm sending tons of sticky thoughts your way! If you do test early go with the digital or the red dye tests everyone says it's too hard to read an early positive using the blue dye tests.

  8. I love how you documented all of this and included pictures too. <3 So sweet!


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