Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today I Am Thankful

For my family.
For my health.
For my job.
For my business.
For my friends.
For my home.
For food.
For water.
For money.
For my freedom.
For opportunities.
For happiness.
For confidence.
For strength.
For my blog.
For laughter.
For my car.
For nature.
For patience.
For my sense of humor.
For my safety.
For motivation.
For a closet full of clothes.
For the quiet.
For the noise.
For a busy life.
For rest.
For comfort.
For time.

For my life.

I took 5 minutes today to sit in silence. To be grateful.  To fully experience gratitude.  I looked around me.  I looked within me.  I realized that there are so many things that I am grateful for, some of which I take for granted.  For example, I tend to complain about the noise around my busy household.  It is a fact that I do enjoy the quiet, but if you forever removed the noise of 2 little girls, a husband and a dog, my life would be miserable.  My 5 minutes of gratitude went quickly.  Undoubtedly, I could have come up with many more things that I feel thankful for.  Conversely, had I allowed myself 5 minutes to list the things in my life that I am NOT grateful for, (what a negative way to live) the list would actually be quite short.  There are those few things that I would probably remove from my life if I had a magic wand.  Then I realized, perhaps I should be feeling grateful for those things, as well?  Those things are a part of my life.  My life.  Which I am grateful for.  And suddenly, I found myself with a great big dose of


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  1. Beautifully written and such a great way to try to live our lives. Thanks foe the inspiration.


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