Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mark Your Calendars

August 1, 2012

Gay? Wear Purple.
Know/love a gay person but aren't? Wear Orange.

Hello friends and family.
I'm openly gay. I don't fit the stereotypes. I don't introduce myself as "Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm a homosexual." But nor do I shy away from the truth when asked. Most people, when they find out I'm gay, react in a way similar to "oh, I didn't know that." and move on. Some say "Wow, I thought all gay guys were girly.." and a cool conversation to the contrary begins. I'm glad to open a mind here and there. But I want a seismic shift... You see... most people walk through their daily lives not thinking about who's gay and who isn't. But when they see a "stereotypical" gay guy, they think about it. So, they don't realize that the stereotypical gay guy is just a personality type within the gay community. And there's nothing wrong with that! I would say the majority of us are just like any other guy. Same theory with women. I just think that people have prejudices against homosexuals because of the stereotypes. If they realized that 'normal' looking guys could also be gay, perhaps it would help open their minds.

My idea is this. On August 1st, wherever you are, if every LGBTQ person wears a purple shirt, and everyone who knows and loves an LGBTQ person wears an orange shirt (the two least-worn colors), maybe it would open people's minds to the fact that homophobia is the minority, it's just not talked about that much. For one day, the country would be blanketed in orange and purple, and those in other colors might stop to think about it.

No one walks around every day waving a pride flag, but we're everywhere. This isn't a protest. This isn't a battle call. This is simply about that "oh!" moment... I've heard so many times, to the affect of "I've never met a gay person... I just think it's unnatural." But then after they realize they're talking to one, they change their tune, apologize, and have that "oh!" moment. Suddenly, they're a different person in this regard.

So, let's spread this like wildfire... Invite everyone you know. Let's try to get this across the entire nation by the end of July, and come August 1, wear your purple or orange shirt, and let's see what happens. 

I'm on board!  I've already checked the closet.  Not a single orange shirt!  But I'll have one by August 1st, that's for sure.  I've already checked out some options online.

Perhaps this one?

Or maybe I'll try something super saucy like this one.

Heck, even if I have to wear this,
I will be in orange.

Join Me?


  1. Love this and he makes a great point! It was my mom's boss who opened her mind and heart to gay marriage and gays raising children. I have coral, that should do the trick:)

  2. I'm on board. I owned nothing orange either but happened to buy an orange shirt two days before I heard about this. Talk about coincidence!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I have the perfect orange shirt! So perfect it's even from HRC and says "All love is equal".

  4. You try the saucy outfit, I want photos.

    I really had no idea about this August 1st date. Coincidentally, that's the date T & H arrive in the states for the birth of their bambino! Guess I need to go get me some orange!


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