Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Post By Skyler -

I'm sure you have all read my most recent Guest Post about how my children responded to our surrogacy journey.  What better follow up to that post than a post from the kids themselves? What do my children remember about our journey?  What moments stand out in their minds?  How do they feel about the process?  I hope you enjoy this post - written, edited, typed and published by Skyler, now 11 years old, sharing with you her memories of our surrogacy journey last year.

My Journey

   When my mom explained to me and told me she was doing surrogacy I thought that my mom had a heart as big as the sun. When she was finished talking to me about it I started crying, and I remember her saying, ''Are those tears of joy or tears of sadness?''
I  said, ''I just can't believe that you would do something that huge.''
I just kept thinking babies are a part of someone's family, and family is the most important thing in my life. So I thought that this isn't just a gift, it's a huge piece of someone's heart. I  new that from the start I was on board with my mom 100%. I wanted to help my mom with anything that happened along the way.

   When my mom said that she got matched I raced to the computer. I saw two guys on the screen and I couldn't help to smile. Words couldn't explain the feelings that I truly felt. I wanted to meet them as soon as possible.
   When they finally came, I new they were the sweetest guys on the face of this planet. We went out to dinner and shared our likes and dislikes. I looked around the table and I saw Farid, George, my mom, my dad, my sister, and then I got to myself and I thought I know that now we are all a huge family and about to get bigger.
   When my mom went to New York to do her transfer I sent her many good vibes, and I new she got them. George wanted a boy and Farid wanted a girl.
   When my mom got back everything was normal until the day I saw a plus sign on a pregnancy test. I looked at my mom. I was so happy words couldn't come out. My mom is pregnant, I know many kids say that, but I'm one of the few that get to say my mom is pregnant, but its not my brother or sister.
   A few weeks pass and my mom feels a little scared. Like if something happened or happens to someone else's babies. She felt like she would let them down. So I tried to cheer her up and said,''You are to good of a person, and they are to good of people.'' She started to feel better.
  Then she started getting bigger and BIGGER.  We found out that my mom was going to have twins, and we were ecstatic. George and Farid came for a second time and gave me and my sister bracelets. I wear it all the time.
   A couple months later and we found out one was a boy and was a girl. Both guys got what they desired and they were happy, that meant the world to me.

   My mom let me go to one of her ultra sounds and I sat in the corner and shed a couple tears. That was the most touching moment of my life.
   Then one day I was down stairs and my dad looked over the edge and said''Skyler come here.'' I came upstairs and my dad told me that my mom's water broke. My mom was nervous because the guys weren't in town quite yet.
   She went to the hospital and the guys got there right in the nick of time. I was thinking about my mom the whole time.
   The babies were born and I was so exited to see her. We went to the hospital and sat down next to my mom. Milena came rolling in and I got to hold her. The next day I got to hold Gus.All these thoughts were racing in my head. I was so happy. Thats all I can say. These guys will be great parents.
   My journey was different then my moms but I love that whole family as much as I love mine. Now we are one big happy family.


  1. I love reading from your daughter's perspective!!!

  2. What a great young lady you have. Nice job Skyler!

  3. oh, Jeni, I can't even imagine how proud of Skyler you are. I teared up reading her post...she is an amazing, insightful and caring little girl!

  4. Skyler, you have me in tears, girl!! Lovely job!! You have the knack for writing, just like your mama :)

  5. Such an intuitive young lady!!!!!! She sounds so proud of her mamma!

  6. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Skylar! You sound like a wonderful young lady! You have an awesome momma.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! Children are wonderful... I cried !


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