Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Kids Are Alright

Almost every surrogate has one thing in common.  We have all had a child of our own before.  We have been pregnant with and delivered babies that we do get to bring home from the hospital.  Babies that we love, feed, clothe, bathe, cuddle and diaper; and before we know it, they’re not really babies anymore.  They’re children.  Children who at some point in their lives learn that their Mommy is going to be pregnant with a baby that won’t be coming home to live with them.  It begs the question - how do the children of surrogates cope with a surrogacy journey?  

Read the blog post I wrote that describes the surrogacy experience 
of my own children, Skyler and Savannah.


  1. I never tire of reading about your amazing journey and you always tell it so beautifully. The love that you feel and express is also shown in the actions of your children. What a wonderful thing to pass down.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is so wonderful to read that your children "get it" and understand what you did. My older two girls 8 and 9, understand and I think my 4 year old is starting to get it. I agree that the journey teaches our children many things and if everyone could just simplify it to a child's level, I think more people would be accepting and understanding of the surrogacy journeys.

  3. Jeni... that is a truly wonderful post!

  4. Truly amazing! The kids are definitely more than alright... you guys are doing a bang up job!!!

  5. Jeni - this such a great post. You have a beautiful family and you must be so so proud of your girls!

  6. This was just beautiful Jeni! I love your blog - and your family :)


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