Monday, July 30, 2012

A Post By Savannah

Because we like to keep things  COMPLETELY EQUAL AND FAIR in our household, Savannah wanted to share her memories of our surrogacy journey.  If you missed Skyler's story, you can find it here.

Again, this post was written, typed and published by Savannah herself.  I have included a translation for those who may not speak 7 year old.

My mom was doing ciragessy for two guys named Gorge and Farid. She woke me up and shode me the pregnisy test and it said yes. I was so excided my mom shode me hoe Gorge and Farid wer. She tolde me what ciragssy was. I was exided for my mom. I wonderd if it was a girl a boy or both I thot it was a girl my dad thote it was a boy my sister thote it was both and my mom said both but it was.....BOTH! We wer exuded we hade a dinner party and thats how we new what the babbys wer I was exuded I was about to go to bed my mom,s water brock I was so exuded we wadded for soumwoun to pick her up. My ant picked her up then she whent to the hospital the next day we wer deriving to the hospital and on the way we saw a Safway we got her flowers and then we whent to the hospital. My  mom was in there for a few days then she came home. So we got to see milly and Guss for a week.

***My mom was doing surrogacy for two guys named George and Farid.  She woke me up and showed me the pregnancy test and it said yes.  I was so excited.  My mom showed me who George and Farid were.  She told me what surrogacy was.  I was excited for my mom.  I wondered if it was a girl, a boy, or both.  I thought it was a girl.  My dad thought it was a boy.  My sister thought it was both and my mom said it was both.  But it was...BOTH!  We were excited.  We had a dinner party and that's how we knew what the babies were.  I was excited.  I was about to go to bed.  My mom's water broke.  I was so excited.  We waited for someone to pick her up.  My aunt picked her up.  Then she went to the hospital.  The next day, we were driving to the hospital and on the way, we saw a Safeway.  We got her flowers and then we went to the hospital.  My mom was in there for a few days, then she came home.  So we got to see Millie and Gus for a week.


  1. I TOTALLY understood everything she wrote! How precious!!! Awesome post by Savannah!!

  2. Nicely done, Savannah!! I understood every word and could sense the excitement and love as I read it!

  3. Savannah... you are a ball of sweetness!

  4. I speak 8 year old! LOL But she has a speech disorder which means she speaks at time more like 6 lol I understood the whole thing and it was beautiful. If you dont mind, I think I would like to use your idea and first get my 10 year old to write something....which she will love because she loves writing!!!
    Well done Savannah!!! I loved to read how it was like for you!!!


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