Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Empty TP Roll

My desk is a place where I spend many hours a day.  On it you'll find many things.  My laptop, stacks of papers, a calculator, printer and ink, post-it notes, an empty toilet paper roll, tape, notebooks, etc.

Yes, I said an empty toilet paper roll.

More than likely during a moment when she was incredibly bored, Skyler decorated an empty toilet paper roll with words she felt best described me - character traits.  I'm hopeful that the toilet paper roll was simply a blank canvas and not one of the things that represented me.  I'm a very neat, organized person and yet this toilet paper roll has graced my desktop for over a month.

The character traits listed are:

1.  Kind
2.  Hard worker
3.  Playful
4.  Stylin'
5.  So smart
6.  Generous
7.  Kind (yep...kind is on there twice.  Score!)

NOW do you see why I can't bring myself to throw this toilet paper roll away?  I look at that roll and realize:  these are the traits that my daughter sees in me.  

Sure makes a mama feel good about herself.


  1. Awwww! What a sweet kid, and further proof that you are an AMAZING mommy!!!

  2. Stylin'.

    Love it!!! Your kids rock.

  3. That's one TP roll I'd be hard pressed to toss or recycle. What a great mom you must be to deserve such treasures!


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