Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Is Now In Session!

This Wednesday, the kids went back to school.  6th and 2nd grade.  My, how the time flies.

Skyler's homework for the first week of sixth grade was a show and tell assignment.  Yes, in 6th grade. The assignment:  Fill a small brown paper bag with 5 things that tell something important about you.  Skyler didn't seem to have to give it much thought.  Her choices:

Our family
Our surro-family
DQ (surely you remembered we own a DQ?)
I wonder how long it will be before it doesn't completely amaze me how incredibly proud my kids are of our surrogacy journey.  Proud enough to stand up in front of your brand new 6th grade class and display a photo of your mom's ginormous pregnant belly.  As well as a photo of a two dad family.

I'm so proud.  Proud of my children.  Proud of Skyler's teacher who didn't bat an eye at Skyler's show and tell choices.  Proud of the kids in Skyler's class who seemed to accept the situation for what it is.  Proud to be a surrogate.


  1. You have amazing kids!! School starts here Monday!

  2. You should be proud--they are awesome kiddos. But they do have an awesome mommy, too :) (and dad!).

    I can't wait to meet them!! EEK!

  3. I love Skyler more and more with every post! :-) She's awesome.


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