Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Help Bernadette

Surrogate Community:

We are needed.  

Most of us know and love Bernadette, her 2 precious babies and her entertaining, awe inspiring, and at times, heart breaking blog.  Bernadette has now been in India (by herself) for 128 days.  128 days.  The good news is, Hayden is finally well enough to come home.  It's not going to be a simple process getting him home but the important thing is that it's now possible for Bernadette to come home with her babies.  It's TIME for her to come home with her babies.  

She needs help getting home.  Our help.  

Link for more information:  Let's get Bernadette HOME!

Help any way you can.  Make a donation, share on your blog...whatever you can do will help.  Imagine  what a great day it is going to be when we read that blog post we've all been waiting so long for - "We're home."  


  1. This is awesome--I'm going to do the same thing on my blog :)

  2. Love makes a family, a community, and a world. Bernadette has shared love and it is a joy to see a world and community sharing it back to her.

  3. Thanks Jeni
    for those of us without a PayPal account, is there any way to get us a physical address? bank address? so we can send them a check???

  4. That's a great question! I believe the email address listed may be a personal address for Bernadette and Duane. Perhaps if you emailed them, they could provide you with the information. Thanks for being willing to help! :-)


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