Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Surrogacy Roller Coaster

For those who follow this blog, you know that our experiences on this journey have been incredible.  Truly amazing.  We are so blessed and feel so grateful to have had such wonderful outcomes at each stage thus far.  I hope (and am confident that) we will continue to be so fortunate.

There are many Surrogates and Intended Parents out there.  So many of whom I have developed relationships with through Facebook, forums and blogs.  We each have our own story to share, so no journey looks quite the same.  When one signs up for surrogacy, the primary goal is to help someone have a child/children.   We are made aware of all of the odds, the risks, the possibilities, but what keeps us going is the thought of getting that baby into waiting arms. 

The emotional roller coaster of surrogacy is a crazy one.  Crazier than any real roller coaster out there.  Some surrogacy journeys are the  more mild coaster, maybe one loop-de-loop, a moderate sized drop, etc.  Others are filled with insane, stomach in your throat drops and filled with one loop after another, after another.  One of those coasters that you kinda wish would slow down/even out for a while so you can catch your breath.

The women that sign up for surrogacy are incredibly strong individuals.  All of them. 

IP's who choose surrogacy are incredibly strong individuals.  All of them. 

You have to be.  There just isn't an option. 

That being said...as a surrogate and strong individual, I am inspired daily by other Surrogates/IP's whose journeys have resembled the crazy roller coaster.  The strength, determination, and dedication  that you show, on a daily basis is hugely inspiring...not just to me, but many others.  To be on that roller coaster, voluntarily, and continue to hop on for however many rides it's going to take, requires such determination, such patience, strength and hope.  Much more than most people possess.

So I'd just like to take some time to acknowledge all of the Surrogates out there...and all of their Intended Parents, who are on this roller coaster we call surrogacy.  Whatever your roller coaster looks like, continue to hang on tight, scream if you have to, and keep the primary goal in mind...

It's about getting a baby into waiting arms.


  1. What a great post, and so true!

  2. it's perfect that I found your blog when I did...this post sums up our experiences over the past two years and hopefully, with some help from above, we'll have our baby in our waiting arms in February. I just have to thank you for writing this...it really resonated with me. good luck to you.

  3. Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...swimming...swimming.....
    This is what I keep telling myself in regards to my surrogacy roller coaster . Thank you for this post. Nicely written. :)

  4. Thanks that helped a lot. I don't think anything can prepare you for all of this. I'm confident that it will happen though and I am thankful for all the wonderful women I have met who give me support.

    Keep taking care of yourself and I can't wait to see what those babies are!


  5. So eloquently written Jeni and oh so true. Generally speaking I *like* roller coasters but who knew the surrogacy journey would be like one I couldn't begin to imagine.


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