Thursday, September 1, 2011

26 Weeks!

26 Weeks

Babies are almost 2 pounds and measure 14 inches! That's 4 pounds and 28 inches of baby!  Go babies!  The twins are also practicing their breathing by inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid.  The network of nerves in their ears are better developed and more sensitive than ever before.

I have a general check-up this afternoon.  It is my absolute first "boring" appointment.  No ultrasound. No testing. No blood draw.  It feels kinda strange to just have a simple visit! :)

The belly continues to grow...In public, people assume I'm "ready to go" at any moment!  Last week, while waiting in line, one woman stated, "This poor lady's gonna deliver before we get through this line!"  The look on their faces is priceless when I inform them I won't be delivering for another 10+ weeks! 

Women look a little somethin' like this:

While men tend to look a little more creeped out:

And children, well they're just plain 'ol horrified!  :)

That's right folks.  At least 10 more weeks.  Get over it!   :-)


  1. Still looking good! I have a tape measure sitting here (hey shoosh I'm an architect) and just pulled it out to 28". Um, yes. That a LOT of baby :)

  2. U look great and I like that shirt!


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