Thursday, September 15, 2011

28 Weeks!

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester!!

Babies are about 15 inches long and weigh about 2 1/4 pounds each!  Wow!  They can now blink, and their eyes sport lashes! Fingers crossed that we have a baby in there sporting Farid's lashes!!  Seriously, folks...they are incredible!  :)  Babies are adding more fat each day in preparation for the outside world. (I hear ya, kiddos!)

How's Jeni feeling?  Quite Fantastic!  I was definitely prepared to feel pretty darn uncomfortable at this stage of our pregnancy, but I'm really feeling quite well!  Sure, I get tired.  Sure, my hips and back ache from time to time.  But overall, I am very comfortable and continue to live my normal life...even if Skyler says I "make a lot of noise" when I get up!  Her favorite thing to do to me when I'm trying to get out of bed, get out of the car, or even just stand up from sitting is to yell, "HEAVE, HO!!!"  That's definitely what it feels like sometimes, but once I'm up, I'm good to go! :)  Thanks a lot, Skyler.  You COULD offer me a hand, but instead, you crack jokes...I wonder where you get THAT from???

28 Weeks
If you're grasping for the right word here...I believe its, RADIANT!  :)
Yesterday was our 28 week appointment and it was so fun to have the guys there for that!  The office staff is always thrilled when they accompany me to my visits!  In fact, there is a definite look of disappointment on their faces when I show up solo.  Come on people!  Don't I count?!  Lol!

We had an ultrasound and the babies are looking great!  Baby Girl is HEAD DOWN!!!  Did you hear that????  Yahoooooo!!!!   Her heart rate was 150 and she weighs 2.8 pounds!  Good girl!  Baby Boy is head up which is completely a-o-k.  His heart rate was 136 and he weighs 2.9 pounds!  Wow!  We are all thrilled that the babies are so happy and healthy!

My blood pressure is still good.  Gained another 3 pounds.  Lots of amniotic fluid.  Cervix is still long, although it has shortened in the last month.  All good, good, good!!!  The Dr. even let George and Farid operate the doppler to find each baby's heartbeat!  How fun!!  Sorry you had to have a close-up view of the stretch mark covered belly, guys.  It is what it is, I guess!  :)

Well, I guess that sums it up from here!  Sounds like the guys might be coming with me to yoga tonight!  The girls from class are going to be so excited!!!


  1. What? No picture of the guys!?!? Must take one stat!! :)

    You look fabulous, as always my dear.

    My belly is a road map of stretch marks and I'm quite embarrassed to show my guys "the belly" once i'm prego. *shrugs* But what can you are is what it is.

    I can't wait to hear about yoga tonight...sounds so fun!! I'm hoping to get into yoga soon.

  2. Lookin awesome!! (as always)

    It's so awesome the guys got to do the Doppler! How cool

  3. My 5 year old came up behind me while I was looking at ur pic and said "DANG!" lol. Kids have no filter. :)
    You look great though, girl! Welcome to the 3rd trimester!


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