Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Weeks!

Our final decade!  That means T minus LESS THAN 8 weeks before these little ones make their debut!

This week the babies are weighing 3 pounds a piece and are 17 inches long!
Their brains continue to develop and are getting even more wrinkles. 
The lungs are now almost mature. 
Their bodies are growing and building up more fat under the skin.


30 Weeks
I have an appointment this afternoon, and will continue to be seen once/week from now until delivery!  I am feeling very well!  It feels like I move at a snail's pace, but that's to be expected, right?  My RBS (Restless Body Syndrome) has set in, full force.  What?! You've never heard of RBS? :)  How about Restless Leg Syndrome?  Heard of that?  Same thing.  Only all over my body! :) And always at bedtime.  Nice.  At first, I was really bothered and annoyed by this. (even though I've had it with every pregnancy)  Now, I just recognize it as a reality and each night, when it hits, I hop up out of bed...well...maybe not "hop", but you get the idea...and walk around reading, watching TV, or just walking, for as long as it takes.  Once my body feels nice and worn out, I "hop" back into bed, close my peepers, and usually I'm good to go! 

Other than's life as usual around here!  And it's a pretty great life! 


  1. Ok, I have to admit that when I went from the forward facing picture to the side-view, I gasped! But in a good way :) Those babies are certainly growing! And you look amazing!! Bless you, cuz I know if my back is hurting with one, I can only imagine what yours might feel like!

  2. Thanks for all your kind words on our blog. And congratulations on 30 weeks! I took a look at your 10 week 2 day ultrasound and it was looking forward to seeing ours at this point. Good luck in the coming weeks. We'll be watching...Take care.

  3. You know people that say other people are "all baby"? Yeah, that's totally you. You look FANTASTIC!!

    I look like a cross between a horse and whale when I'm pregnant. Therefore, I'm a leetle mad at you for looking so good.

    :) Love ya!

  4. You look great! Congrats on making it to 30 weeks. It's crazy how different the forward facing picture looks from the side view. Love that baby belly though and that shirt is super cute :)


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