Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Habla Usted Espanol?

I do not.

But I think I might like to learn!  :)

I'll admit it's a little scary, but I am trying to embrace my inner student and possibly try to learn Spanish!  I was re-watching George and Farid's Baby Shower Video last week and realizing yet again that a) Spanish is such a beautiful language; and b) I don't know what the heck Farid is saying in Spanish at the end of his speech! 

Your thoughts on the best way to learn? 

I've gone to the Rosetta Stone website and completed their demo.  What did I learn?  How to order salad (ensalada), bread (pan), and fish (pescado). And also something to wash it down with:  water (agua), juice (jugo), or coffee (cafe). I can also identify photos of all these items being consumed by girls (nina), boys (nino), women (mujer), and men (hombre).  I guess that's not too bad for a 15 minute tutorial, right?  Given an hour or two I should be fluent!  lol!  So, is Rosetta Stone the way to go?  It's expensive...almost $200 just for level 1!  Or should I take a class at a community college?  Also, is it a lost cause if I am completely incapable of rolling my R's?  I don't ever expect to sound fantastic speaking it, but I think it would be SO COOL to know another language!

Oh, Milena and Gustavo...how lucky you are that you will be able to speak both English and Spanish from the get-go!

I'd love your feedback!  How should I go about this new venture? 

Muchas Gracias!


  1. I say give Rosetta Stone a try. I took 2 years of Spanish in high school and I think I learned more from hearing it around than in class (I'm from southeastern New Mexico originally). With the classes, I learned it enough to pass the tests, then promptly forgot everything afterwards. My guess is a program like Rosetta Stone might actually teach you the language.

  2. Immersion is best but since moving to south america is impractical :) Take a class but also pick a cheesy soap on univision or something and tune in as often as possible (they are addictive). You won't get the words at first but you can understand from the over dramatic acting. You will be shocked how quick you pick up. Understanding is much quicker than speaking.

  3. Creo que es una gran idea para aprender un nuevo idioma! Por mi parte, quisiera también! Pero hasta entonces, me limitaré a usar Google Translate para todo lo que necesito.

    Te amo!
    Su ling perdido

  4. I like the cheesy soap opera on univision idea...leave it to Kevin! :-)...and then a CC class is the best most affordable route. Good luck!

  5. The video of the baby shower is so cool. What wonderful guys they are and what an amazing gift you've given to them by being a surrogate to two sweet babies. I bet it was an amazing experience for you as well.

  6. If you watch the soap opera turn on the closed captioning too. That way you can read the words. Most soap operas in Spanish are required to be captioned now. That helps me. I read Spanish pretty well but sometimes they speak it too quickly for me to catch all the words. Also, there's a cool website called LiveMocha.com that can teach you some stuff. It used to be free. Now there's something about earning credits. I think it's still free but there's a system of points or something. It's worth looking at. I used that to review my Spanish before going to Spain a few years ago and it helped.


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