Friday, November 11, 2011

I Have The Answer To The Question Everyone's Asking...

The Question of the Week seems to be:


Well....lemme tell ya!

I'm concerned.  George and Farid SHOULD be FAR more stressed, overwhelmed and clueless, if you ask me.  LOL!

These guys are absolute naturals!  I am amazed when I watch them. Gustavo and Milena are only 5 days old and yet George and Farid have learned to identify cries, they diaper like nobody's business, and feeding and burping is no problemo for them!  Milena and Gustavo are already on a 4 hour schedule....the SAME 4 hour schedule!  They really are making it look very easy!  I'm sure they are tired, but they are doing such a fantastic job!  The babies are SO happy!  I am very proud of all 4 of them!

How about moi?

I am also doing very well!  I have VERY little leftover pain and soreness!  I feel extremely stable emotionally!  I'm thrilled!  I will admit...I was prepared for things to be a little rough...both physically AND emotionally.  What a nice surprise this has been!

It's been awesome to be able to spend time with the guys and the babies while they are still here in Colorado.  I will definitely be sad when they leave, but at the same time, I am really excited for them to be back in Brooklyn, where I know so many of you are patiently waiting.  Prepare yourselves for their return...these babies are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! 

The love and support that we have received has been amazing...and has made this journey so special for all of us!  I thank you for that!  On that note, let me leave you with what I know you really

Milena                            Gustavo



Gustavo. 2 days old.


  1. you are a blessing for giving the gift of life to these two dads.
    my partner & I adopted a beautiful baby girl last year, December 28th, 2010. We met our daughters birth mother the day she delivered, and spent a few days w/her in the days after, prior to hopping on a plane and bringing our baby home.
    Though we have an open adoption, our farewell with the birth mother was filled with lots of hugs and many, many tears. We will forever be grateful to her for the gift she blessed us with.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey.
    Always Love Well

  2. This is beautiful Jeni! You are an amazing woman. Your pride shows and you still got that glow!

  3. Beautiful! Just beautiful. You are a blessing.

  4. I have been wondering Jeni and so glad to read this post! You are truely an inspriation to your fellow surrogates as well as IPs and IFs alike! I hope your recovery continues to go well.

  5. The babies are beautiful, as are your girls. Thank you Jeni, I don't think people outside of surrogacy really can grasp what an amazing thing you have done, you have created a family!! WOW!

  6. Jeni, Jan had told me the babies had arrived, but I just got back on your blog today. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out at this beautiful story.
    Congratulations to all the family! Linda

  7. I'm sorry I must repeat...but there's only 2 words I have for you:

    Bomb Diggity

    Love you, girl!, you are the most super awesomest chica eva!


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