Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good As New!

Those were the words that the the doctor used to describe my recovery at my post-natal appointment today!

She went on to say that my body shows no signs of having carried and delivered twins just 7.5 weeks ago!  

She continued by adding that the skin on my stomach looked great for having carried 2 babies and wanted to know if I had gotten any stretch marks?

Ummm....Perhaps you should have your eyes checked, Doc. :-) Lol!

Way to make a girl feel good, right?  Yay, Jeni!  Although I have felt 100% for many weeks, it's always great to hear the doctor confirm that indeed, all is well. I've gotta say...I'm pretty darn proud of my almost 37 year old body! 


  1. Wonder how my 38 year old body is going to hold up? One thing is certain, YOU rocked surrogacy from start to finish!

  2. Yet another Jeni superpower! Regeneration :)
    Glad you're feeling so awesome. Wish I were 27 like you ;)

  3. That's great news! I'm hoping and praying I get a similar review when I go for my 6 week post check in mid-January!

    Is there another surrogacy in the future for you??? ;)

  4. Okay, did you expect anything less, you rockstar? I didn't!!

    Nicely done, my friend!! You ARE the BD!!


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