Thursday, August 18, 2011

24 Weeks!

Wanna see a magic trick?

Now You See It!

Now You Don't!

This is my optical illusion shirt!  I didn't realize I had a magical shirt until I was wearing this the other day, walked into my bathroom and stopped dead in my tracks!  Where was my belly in my reflection????  I quickly turned to the side...PHEW!  There it is!!!  LOL!

So...24 Weeks!!  The big word this week?  VIABILITY.  What does this mean in terms of the twins?  Well, it means that now that these babies have reached the 24 week milestone, should they be born early, they have a wonderful chance at survival... Yay!


And that's a BIG BUT! 

The BIGGEST BUT you'll ever see! LOL!

These kiddos DO NOT have my permission to be born yet!  And trust me...they know this is the case.  We talk on a daily basis, these babies and I.  And I have made it VERY clear.  We have an understanding...a plan if you will!  Once their daddies arrive in Denver in November, they not only have my permission to be born, they will be STRONGLY encouraged to be born!  An eviction notice of sorts!  :-) 

In the meantime...we will just lay low...chill...and grow nice and big and strong! They're on board with the plan.  What well behaved children!  :)

At 24 weeks, the babies each weigh about 1.2 pounds and are over a foot long!  Their brains are growing quickly now and taste buds are continuing to develop.  The lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" and cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help air sacs in the lungs inflate once babies hit the outside world. 

Appointment tomorrow afternoon!  Will update after that!  Have a fantastic Thursday, everyone!


  1. Yay for 24 weeks!!! You look great, love the shirt!

  2. Jeni, apart from being an amazing woman, mother and wife, did you know that you are a wonderful writer? I hope so because you really are a very good story teller. Perhaps in the future you will turn your attentions to writing and reporting. I'm sure you can become any kind of communicator you want to be! Keep it up! xo /m


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