Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Attitude Adjustment

The last week has been a week of transition for me.  In lots of different ways.  Allow me to explain:

First, the girls went back to school last Wednesday. (I know!  Early, right?!)  Skyler started 5th grade and Savannah is now in 1st grade which means a full day of school!  This also means that I have been presented with a scenario that I have never had before....the entire day to myself!  Don't get me wrong, this is something I have been looking forward to for quite some time!  But it's an adjustment nonetheless.  I definitely enjoy my down time, but I am so used to being busy, that this seems like LOTS of down time...

Second, I have been mentally battling the "worries".  As I stated last week, at this point of our pregnancy, the main concern is making sure the babies stay IN.  There seems to be lots of "scary" news in Surrogacy Land of late so I have been consumed with the "I don't want that to happen to us" thoughts.

Third, the good ol' uterus is on the grow.  In fact, Baby Girl has decided that she'd like more space. (Typical girl, right?) My body has chosen to accommodate her wishes but the only way more space is available is for my ribs to adjust.  So they have.  I seem to have a rib, or ribs, (it's hard to tell) that are shifting?  I'm not sure exactly what's taken place in there but I have constant pain in my right rib cage.  No, it's not terrible pain, just uncomfortable.  Deep breath...ouch.  Rolling over....ouch.  Sitting too long....ouch.  You get the picture.

Soooooo.........I found myself sliding into bad attitude territory.  It is SO easy to get caught up in all of the "un-perfect" things in life.  At least it is for me!  I am a generally positive, easy going person, and yet I still found myself dwelling.

I'm bored.  I'm nervous.  I'm in pain. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Here comes the attitude adjustment part!

This morning I decided I needed to stop dwelling on the negative and begin dwelling on the positive!  And, OH what a difference that makes!

Think about this!  Having the girls in school all day, allows me more time to read!  I love reading and yet it's something that I usually find myself doing at bedtime and we all know how that goes. Read 2 paragraphs, slowly lower chin to chest, gently rest eyes....  :)  Having more time to myself also means I am able to take care of this pregnant body better.  Nap??? Sure!  Go right ahead!  Who's stopping you?  The house stays cleaner, it's nice and quiet....let's face it....the next best thing to Heaven!  LOL!

I am celebrating the fact that we have such a healthy pregnancy!  I am so thrilled to be carrying twins that are perfectly healthy little beings!  I like to think they are super happy in there, swimmin' around, enjoying their summer!  We have been pretty blessed with an easy pregnancy and I am ready to celebrate that!  I am TRUSTING (that's for you George and Farid), and EXPECTING that we will continue to have an easy pregnancy and there is absolutely no reason why that won't be the case!  Enjoy it!  :)

And as far as the pain goes???  I am happy that my body is accommodating these babies!  They deserve to be comfortable and how amazing is it that the human body is capable of creating that space for them?  I choose to focus on the little miracles that my body is supporting!  It is truly an incredible thing!

Ahhh...the power of positive thinking!  Seriously folks, in only a few short hours, I feel like a different person!  As Jason Mraz would say....Ah la la la la la la Life Is Wonderful.

One of my favorite songs (and on my "labor" playlist) by the way... 

Take care peeps!  :-)


  1. Sorry you're in pain, but great attitude about everything!! You're an inspiration!! I hope I'm half as positive as you are when I get preggo!

  2. That's a great way to think about it! My kids also went back to school (we're in Douglas County) and I get the morning kid-free since my 2 little ones are in preschool. It's been heaven so far! :) I know it'll be an advantage for this pregnancy (especially if it's twins,and I'm pretty sure it is!) and I'm thankful.

    I know what you mean when you say that it seems there has been lots of "scary" things in the Surrogacy World...I've been reading and thinking a lot about it too. Having a positive attitude and mind frame is the best thing! Great post, Jeni!

  3. I always love your positive attitude. I know it is easy to lose yourself in the anxiety and sadness but choosing to see the other side of it is important. I can only hope that I am half as positive as you are throughout my pregnancy. (Haha..was going to say when I get pregnant...still getting used to that. Need more beta numbers.)

    I can't wait to see how these next few months go for you. You have been blessed with a great pregnancy and I see no reason why things can't continue on this path. I am very proud of you and am glad to have gotten to know you during this journey.


  4. Do you like the ballet? I mean the pros, you know, the big stage, the lights, the curtain?


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