Monday, August 15, 2011

Next Appointment On Friday!

Our next OB appointment is this Friday and it's gonna be a long one!  Of course, we will be having another ultrasound.  Another 2 hour ultrasound!  I am very excited to see the babies again and especially excited to see if Baby Girl is head down!  My vibes tell me she is.  Please send out all of your positive energy that she is as well!  Gracias!  :)

I am also due for my Gestational Diabetes screening.  This involves drinking a deliciously sugary drink, waiting one hour and then having a blood draw to see how the ol' bod is processing said sugar.  I  must say...I love the drink!  Or at least I did the last time I drank it 7 years ago!  Haha!  They really don't want me to drink all of that deliciousness BEFORE the ultrasound as babies will also be enjoying the sugar rush and may make it difficult for the tech to take measurements! 

Sooo....First: 2 hour ultrasound. 
Second: Chug-a-lug.
Third: Appointment and wait one hour.
Fourth: Blood draw. 

One + Two + Three + Four = Friggin' LONG appointment!!  :)  I'm dragging Jill along for mean...emotional support. 

I will obviously post all of the wonderful results (and pics) after the appointment!

Now if you'll all join with me:

"Head DOWN! Head DOWN!  Head DOWN!"

Well done.  You guys are good.


  1. Head down!! Can't wait to hear all about the appt on Fri! And good luck on the glucose test...I had Fruit Punch flavor last week, yum! :)

  2. I sure hope she is......this baby girl I'm carrying is butt down!! :( I'm hoping she will flip but irk if she has enough room!! Good luck....head down....head down!!!


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