Saturday, August 20, 2011

Results of 24 Week Appointment

Care for some stats?

Baby Girl had a heart rate of 155 and weighs in at 1 pound 8 ounces!  It was pretty cute...she faced the camera, had all of her measurements taken and then at the very end, we watched as she slowly but surely rolled over so that we couldn't see her face anymore!  She was D-O-N-E with this photo shoot!  Silly girl!  We needed more pictures of your face!!!!

Baby Boy had a heart rate of 130 and is also weighing 1 pound 8 ounces!  We got many cute pictures of him!

You're probably wondering if baby flipped!  The answer is this:

We had a baby flip alright...just not the one we wanted!  Baby Boy has flipped so now BOTH babies are breech!  Ack!!!!  In fact, their heads are currently 2 cm. apart!  It's actually quite cute seeing the two of their heads like and sister...side by side.  We had quite a chuckle deciding what Baby Boy might be whispering to Baby Girl to encourage her to head towards the light! The tech said it is still early...and that having Baby Boy's head up might actually give Baby Girl more room to flip.  If Baby Girl does not flip, we will be forced to have a C-section.  But we're not throwing in the towel yet!  Lots of positive thoughts.  Lots of  Belly Buds.  And lots of time on my hands and knees.  She'll turn when she's good and ready.  I like a stubborn girl!!  :)

Some stats on me:

Amniotic fluid looks great!  Kiddos are still swimmin' in an Olympic size pool!
Cervix is still nice and long!  TMI, I know but this is actually REALLY good news!
Blood Pressure:  120/70
Measuring:  31 Weeks
Weight Gain:  Remember how we were shooting for 24 pounds by 24 weeks?  Should I feel proud that I am an over achiever?  30 pounds.  (All amniotic fluid and baby, I'm sure...)
Gestational Diabetes:  We should have those results on Tuesday.
Anemia:  Got it.  Lame.  Iron supplement for me!

Not bad all around, huh?  I will see the Dr. every 2 weeks from now until 30 weeks when we will begin weekly appointments.  Crazy!  We're in the final stretch!

I will leave you with some pictures of the cutest twins on the planet!

Baby Girl  -  Profile
Skyler INSISTS she sees Farid's eyelashes in this picture!

Baby Boy....Fast Asleep......


  1. I think what Skyler is seeing is my moustache on that little girl!

  2. Sorry for the flip--the wrong way!! I've been willing that baby to flip, maybe it was me willing the wrong one!! I'd get working on a backwards-will. LOL

  3. Sounds like it was a great appointment...well except for the anemia part, blah!
    And very cute pics!

  4. Precious!!! I can't wait to see what these cuties look like soon!!!


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