Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Weeks!

Let's hear it for 31 Weeks!  T minus LESS THAN 7 weeks!

These babies are gettin' big, I tell you!  They each weigh about 3.5 pounds and measure 18 inches long!  I do believe I've got more baby in there than I have ever had before!  :)  Babies will continue to grow at a rapid rate from now until delivery.  Under-skin fat is continuing to develop and the surface skin is more pink than red.  Studies show that babies are dreaming when they sleep.  Dreaming about meeting their Daddies, no doubt!  :)

I feel like I am about the same size as last week, although it's admittedly getting hard to decipher between ginormous and hugantic!  LOL!!

31 Weeks


  1. Yay, 31 weeks!! Still lookin' good!! I like that shirt.

  2. That belly looks gooooood on you!!!

  3. You are all beautiful round belly - count down is ON!! :)

  4. Love it! We need to plan to get together some time!

  5. You look amazing as always. I posted a belly shot for you at the forum! How are you feeling? I can't even imagine having that much baby inside me.

    Keep up the great work and congrats on the negative test!! This may be the only time I root for the negative.


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