Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Human Body Is Amazing!

Care for some perspective on this fine day?

Or how about just a giggle?

Check this out.

Camera 1
My First Night of Yoga-8 Weeks Pregnant

Camera 2
Yoga This Week-31 Weeks Pregnant

Seriously folks, isn't the body an amazing thing?  It's strange for me to look at the "Camera 1" body. I can't remember not having a belly!  How cool is it that the body is capable of making this space in such a relatively short period of time? And as we near the end of this pregnancy, I begin to think about my non-pregnant body.  Will I miss my big belly?  Yes, yes I will.  Will I ever see that "Camera 1" body again?
You bet your sweet bippy I will!  :)

Gimme 6 months.

Betcha I won't need that long.  :)


  1. Haha...I love how in camera 1 you can see the room behind 2, you fill the doorframe! LOL
    You look great though!!! Love the bump!! I guess I better go post a recent pic on my blog!

  2. Fantastic pictures! I agree the human body is amazing and you look great!

  3. So amazing what our bodies are capable of!!!


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