Monday, October 17, 2011

Packed Up and Ready To Go!

Well....technically NOT READY to go....but packed, for sure!

Here she is!  My hospital bag!

Cute bag, yes?

What's inside? know...mostly just the standard.
But, besides my unmentionables,
 I DID want to share with you the t-shirts
that I have chosen for labor/post delivery.
(Yes, this chick plans to resist the hospital gown as much as possible!)

"Love Made Me Do It"                          For the Brooklyn Babies and Daddies

And something you may not find in most hospital bags?

Yes, my friends...those are Cranium Cards.

I MAY or MAY NOT be requesting that
 Jill and the guys distract me during labor by playing games. 
 Charades, anyone?  
 I rock at charades....just sayin'.

I plan for this bag to sit right where it is for another few weeks...
 ...but I'll be damned if I'm not prepared.  :-)


  1. Love it!The clock is ticking for those babies. Is that a Kate Spade bag?

  2. ADORABLE! I love the "Love made me do it" shirt! I hope you are feeling well and getting ready!!!

  3. Wow..getting so close!!! I have never packed a hospital bag...isnt that weird? Probably because I figured, everything I would want to wear, I currently wear so....whats the point lol But Im going to this time!!!
    Love the daddy post!!

  4. Love it! Wish I had my bag packed when it was time, lol.


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