Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Babies Are Coming! Are We Ready?

I felt compelled to offer a bit of my perspective for surrogates and budding intended parents alike who are either going through this journey or contemplating it. In a recent blog post, Jeni opened the 'floor' to questions to be fielded by me from her readers. I will attempt to answer some over the next few days / weeks.

To begin with, George and I can not believe how quickly the time has flown by. In the beginning of the process (summer of 2010), there is a sense of urgency, excitement and anticipation for the process to happen already and when it finally did, it flew by.  As we approach the end of the journey and look forward to the arrival of our children (a boy and a girl: Gustavo and Milena) due in November, we are filled with the same anticipation and excitement we had when we were beginning the process.

We're frequently being asked by our many friends and family members, "Are you ready?"  While I understand many of them are referring to the material things that need to be in place at home for the arrival of babies, I confidently answer, "I've made a huge room for them in my heart, my mind, my soul and now my apartment. (Giving up the home office was tough!) Yes, I'm ready.  Gustavo and Milena, we're ready for you. The question is: are they ready for us?  We've got an amazing world filled with love in store for them.


  1. I about had a heart attack when this post title popped up. I thought Jeni had gone into labor! And my second thought was, and she's still BLOGGING?????
    Cheers guys-

  2. Oh, I looooove the names.
    I know U guys r ready. In fact, ready for a
    While ... And you know what ? So are the babies...
    Can't wait to see the family together - soon...
    Much love to all of you and a big hug to Jeni...

  3. Nice...I like that. A space in your heart and mind and soul is way more important than a physical space. Congratulations.

  4. Like Kevin, I first had a slight heard palpatation when I read the post title.

    Then, I got immediatly crabby because, Jeni, if you went into labor I HAD BETTER KNOW!!!

    That being said, great post Farid!!

  5. LOVE this post! I am so excited for you guys!!! You have an amazing surro mom, probably tied with ours for BEST SURRO MOM EVER!

  6. Love the post! I also love the names you have picked out!! I'm sure they're ready to meet their daddies too.


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